Poll: How Good will Ricky rubio be in the NBA next season?
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He will be rookie of the year!
1 7.69%
He will have a solid but medicore year.
5 38.46%
He will be a bust like Darko.
7 53.85%
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How good will Ricky Rubio be in the NBA??
Ricky Rubio is coming to the NBA!! How good do you think he will be?? Explain your answer. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the worst record in the league at 16 - 67! Will he improve the team? Many people have him projected as rookie of the year!

FIBA article on Rubio confirmation.


USA article on Rubio's future in NBA.

Quote:The biggest concern about Rubio right now is that he is coming off a subpar season. He scored just 6.5 points per game this season, and he even lost his starting gig with FC Barcelona. Moreover, Rubio only averaged 5.9 points and 4.4 assists per game over the last two seasons.

In the NBA, numbers like those from your starting point guard are not going to cut it.

However, the good news is that the NBA game is much better suited for Rubio's talents. The courts are smaller in Europe, and Barcelona's style of play doesn't cater to creative guards like Rubio.

In the NBA, Rubio will finally get to play a more uptempo style of basketball, and the consensus is that he is going to be dynamite in transition.

So what kind of numbers can we reasonably expect from Rubio?

Luckily, Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus was also curious about that, and he was kind enough to crunch the numbers.

If Rubio plays 30.4 minutes per game (Luke Ridnour's average in 2010-2011), he'll score 8.9 points, dish out 7.3 assists, grab 4.6 rebounds, and notch 1.8 steals per game.

Granted, this kind of line would not have been good enough to win the Rookie of the Year this past season, as Blake Griffin and John Wall fairly dominated the competition.

However, Rubio's projected numbers might be good enough this year. There's not a whole lot of talent coming into the NBA, and Rubio is just as good as Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight, if not more so.

Rubio's biggest argument for Rookie of the Year will probably end up being Minnesota's win total. The Timberwolves probably won't be a playoff team in 2011-2012, but Rubio can't make them any worse. On the contrary, if he vastly improves the team, he should get extra consideration.

Sounds good. Here's hoping the looming lockout doesn't cancel Rubio's rookie campaign.

I don't think he is the type of player for NBA. His long range shooting is horrible and also he is not athletic type of player. He will have to improve significantly to earn Wolves couple of extra wins.

Chances of becoming a rookie of the year? 1%.
He will choke... Eventually go back to Europe and officially became backup point guard for Victor Sada Rofl3
If you ask me, there's such a huge difference between the expectations and reality.. I believe he'd fail hard at least if you're expecting great things. His 2 seasons in Barcelona (especially the last one) proved that he's not built to be a starting 5 player in the top level or at least not ready yet. If Minnesota expect him to take them out of the mud and make them a regular playoff team then they're ridiculous.. But maybe they're the right place for him. If they'd give him time and credit than he might prove to be a good long-term investment, they're the right place cuz it's a small failing team with no expectations and he can focus on developing as a player (there's a lot to improve..)

I really don't believe he'd ever live to the expectations from a 5th draft pick but with some time and credit he might become a pretty good player.
Hm, first thing that came to my mind:

He is a kid! When he entered "Pionir" Arena, in Belgrade, to play Euroleague top16 match VS Partizan, and when he saw the fans and felt the enormeus pressure, he shit his pants. I don't think he has the balls for the NBA. He is a kid.
(03-04-2012, 07:59 PM)KAPALI Wrote: "...I can show U what I am everytime everywhere your web artist..."
I think that Rubio will be a good role player in the NBA. He's a very good playmaker, but he'll need to improve in certain areas. I think that he'll get the time to adjust to the playingstyle of the Wolves and the NBA.

When will the Wolves give a press conference with Ricky?
[Image: 326526884.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJF3XCCK...Udgc67Q%3D]

He arrived
Respect and thanks for everything:

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[Image: vspa.jpg]

For me he is sucks.And overrated..
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]
In my account he's going to be one of the best point guards of NBA - IN THE FUTURE. Currently he's question mark, he can explode and he can be a shadow. Basically it's funny to listen the scepticism here - he's a fuckin' pure talent! I don't expect too many minutes in the first season though.

IMO, Rubio is the biggest talent at the first position after Å aras in Europe. Give him a little time.
(06-21-2011, 04:42 PM)straight forward Wrote: In my account he's going to be one of the best point guards of NBA - IN THE FUTURE. Currently he's question mark, he can explode and he can be a shadow. Basically it's funny to listen the scepticism here - he's a fuckin' pure talent! I don't expect too many minutes in the first season though.

IMO, Rubio is the biggest talent at the first position after Å aras in Europe. Give him a little time.

Pretty much my sentiment as well. I don't think he'll do much right away but I think after 2-3 seasons in the NBA he will be something special.
I really don't know but I have a feeling the kid is a sleeping beast. I think he will eventually be a B+ level player. It all depends on his work ethic. He has the body and the speed.
He is NOTHING SPECIAL. Thudown Overrated as hell. Baby End of story.
[Image: panathinaikos-basket-opadoi.jpg]
I think he brings a lot of potential to a league that is already heavy on point guards but he can have a decent NBA career if he's able to bulk up in the offseason.
He'll eventually be labeled another 'Euro Scrub' and most probably end up shinning the bench with his ass, or play some minor role as a second or third string guard. Laugh
Looks like Straight Forward was right. Rubio dueled Rose last night (1/9/2012) Wolves vs Bulls. Rubio held his own against one of the best defenses in the NBA. Rubio had 13pts and 12 ast 4 rebounds 4 steals and 5 turnovers. The open NBA game suits him. The NBA/American transition game suits him as well. Rubio game is similar to Rajon Rondo and Steve Nash.

I should add Derrick Rose had 31pts 11ast 1 steal 2 blocks and 3 turnovers

Here are the game stats:

Ricky Rubio is too forced player Crazy Last game against Dallas he played 46 minutes (almost whole game) and he has 17 points but with disaster shot 3-11 for two and 1-5 for three!!! Bag
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]

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