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Vintage TalkBasket!
In case you wondered, how TalkBasket looked back in the day... here are some photos.

Our official launch in May 3007:

[Image: may2007.jpg]

Later on, July 2007:

[Image: july2007.jpg]

Next year, February 2008:

[Image: february20.jpg]

Later on, August 2009:

[Image: august2009.jpg]
Respect and thanks for everything:

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[Image: vspa.jpg]

The site made such a huge progress.. You guys sure are putting a lot of effort in it!
Progress has definitely been made...

It's just... 3007? Wink
(03-04-2012, 07:59 PM)KAPALI Wrote: "...I can show U what I am everytime everywhere your web artist..."
Every day site it's better and better Smile
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]

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