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Suggested Update In Basketball Rules
Basketball is one of my favorite sports, however, sometimes it can get very boring during timeouts. Let's just play the game. The rules in basketball are mostly pretty good, but I think it could be tweaked with the following.
  • Timeouts must be removed, there is no place for timeouts in sports. Not only do they reduce excitement, but they reduce the reward for quick thinking and remembrance of procedure. Performing under pressure is an important discipline in sports, and timeouts minimize this skill. If a team needs to go over plays they can do that at halftime, between quarters, and at practices.
  • Remove free throws because they slow down the pace of the game too much.  Foul outs should also be removed. If a player commits a foul they should be sent to penalty box/sin bin for a determined amount of time depending on severity of foul. Minor: 2 minutes, moderate: 4 minutes, major: 8 minutes, severe: rest of game with suspension to be determined. Any time a player is removed from play because of a foul he cannot be substituted. If minor, moderate, or major penalty minutes remain after game is over they must be carried into the next game.
  • Any time the ball goes out of play the clock must be stopped (some codes are already like this).

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