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1st Group Stage - Day 5
[quote name='Raze Lupin' timestamp='1315319299' post='33432']

I think Turkey can be golden before 10 years. Although in 10 years my wish is Turkey will be a basketball nation.:-D Turkey has the physical ability all they need is confidence and superior strategy. I honestly think Turkey is the second most athletic team in Eurobasket. 1.Spain 2.Turkey 2A. France. From a foreign Fan perspective I would like to see Turkey use their athleticism better. On defense rotate between man to man and zone better. Those long turkish arms in the passing lanes would F*** other teams up! On offense pound the ball inside to Asik more. Play Kanter at the 4 spot and Illysova at the 3 spot some series. Tell them to attack attack attack the basket!

Turkey needs to be a bully on the block!I don't mean be arrogant I'm just saying they could have pushed a team like Poland around in the front court. Turkey can play athletic defense like France and Spain. They can also can play inside offense like France. Did you see the France interior game against Serbia?? Noah, Seraphin posting up with Batum slashing and dishing. Turkey has the ability to do this with Asik, Kanter and Illysova....


Tactical advises are noted and very well agreed on. We could have done better if we could have Erden in the squad. Ilyasoova is not that tough fibered in style unfortunately , Kanter woulld be great but he is playing his first official matches after 2 years. When we add Gonlum's injury , I think we are doing still a good job inside defending.

When we talk about long arms, I miss the old Guler , yet he couldn't get recovered after the operation he had.


"On defense rotate between man to man and zone better. " this is the main problem we have and for that reason I don't have much of a hope against serbia.
[quote name='Raze Lupin' timestamp='1315320039' post='33434']

France vs Turkey: The question(s) with this match up is

1.Can Turkey guards match the play of Tony Parker and Nikolas Batum.

2.Will Turkey coach trust his front court "completely" let them attack the rim relentlessly.

3. can either team stay out of foul trouble?

Turkey vs Germany should be easier win. Turkey by 10pts.

Serbia vs Turkey: Turkey has the physical advantage. Serbia has the tactics and passion. Hopefully Turkey coaches are looking at the France game for Serbian weaknesses. Its obvious Serbia has weak interior defense. All Turkey has to do is pound the ball inside and shoot from outside well. Easier said than done because Serbia is strong.


1- I think we will let Parker to do anything and focus on the others. Batum and other will tried to be trapped inside when they penetrate (I


2-I guess

3-I guess so

Germany : I'm not afraid of the team but I must see Dirk against Spain to be sure.

Serbia : I'm nearly hopeless. Yet a little spark of hope i Serbain defence, I think it is lame. I agree interiror defense is not all good. If we can overhelm Kristic we can defeat them but Ivkovic is soooo smart he protects him.
[quote name='Raze Lupin' timestamp='1315320304' post='33435']

What game is everyone most excited to watch?


Turkey - Serbia , Spain - Serbia
[quote name='TeoTheGreek13' timestamp='1315323916' post='33440']

No, they don't play Finland.

I think that was it for FYROM. No more low level teams.

FYROM don't stand a chance against Russia and Slovenia but they may win Georgia.

In the first round they used Ilievski for 38 minutes per game and Pero Antic for 35 minutes. They are humans not machines.


I agree but it can be enough to qualify
[quote name='Led00' timestamp='1315324442' post='33441']

Lithuania-Serbia! Excellent chance to rise above defeat! But very hard... I give Lit a favorite


I wached ltu - spa and ltu-tur matches , tehy are not readdy bro.
Really? I heaven't seen a single Lit game this year, but was always afraid of them most...
(03-04-2012, 07:59 PM)KAPALI Wrote: "...I can show U what I am everytime everywhere your web artist..."

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