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Is Naturalizing a player good or bad? FIBA
(09-23-2011, 12:50 PM)ZEUS Wrote: Interesting, an old teammate of mine when I played for PAOK's teenage team (16-18), he also ended up playing for Oly, although warmed the bench most of the time :p, he came back to PAOK, is owed back money by the club and now has moved on to another smaller Greek team. Stil, he wasn't any amazing talent, but he had the necessary connections to push him through and he became a respectable professional Huh

My friend was a good player not very talented but good. His phsysics qualified him to the status , very good (or professional) . So I can say he deserved to be a professional.

Maybe Olympiacos was beyond him but he deserved to be professional ,that's for sure. He and I was centers I became 1.90 he became 2.08 Smile

I mean it is somewhat weird to be a professional and you need luck too. When you're 15 you're 1.85 , you're trained to be a center, than you stay there but your fundamental based on a center player it becomes harder to transform into a guard or forward (it is not about me I used escape to 2 and 3 already while I was playing I'm just trying to say physical properties are very important to be professional)

But ultimately as you say , if a player becomes professional by connections then he will be a good candidate for the bench. Great players are the one who deserves it.

Finally ; It is about mental condition too, I saw many talented guys never intended to be professionals , or didn't their education for this purpose. It is about destiny bro.
Yeah I know what you mean about the center bit, I was over 1.90 after 14 years old, and that was it, I only played center :p I am a biochemist today, but when I play on local teams for fun I prefer playing PF/SF positions, if I'm lucky enough not to be the tallest on the team Rofl3

Of course your friend had height to his advantage, if you're 2.08 m, you're playing basketball, doesn't matter how shit you are Rofl3 The hope is that whatever takes you, they'll make you a better player Crazy
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ghey Rolleyes
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