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NBA 2016-2017 season
Guys lets discuss about NBA 2016-2017 season here.

Admin can makes this Thread as important as season  is in progress.
Good idea Thup Some of the start of the season notables: Cavs and Spurs got off with good starts. Anthony Davis had a monster game with 50 points, 15 rebounds, 5 steals and 5 assists. Jonas Valanciunas had a career high 32 points.

Does anyone think the commentator in the video is hilarious?

The thread is now sticky.
Well, this is pretty fresh, I got it off of twitter:

Joel Embiid has given Sixers fans life

The Philly franchise has been an NBA bottom-feeder for the last four seasons, constantly in the draft lottery and too often beset by injuries. But former first-round pick Joel Embiid's stellar debut has fans hyped for the first time in years.

[Image: fd0090363032198e6eba2aee5d01072f.png]
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They really needed some hope after the last couple of years. Embiid seems to be solid despite sitting out two season.

And since you mentioned twitter, you embed tweets on the forum using this tag:

[twitter]tweet link[/twitter]

Might be useful in future.
Im really looking forward for solid Anthony Davis plays this season. He's a real threat to any team. He reminds me some good old solid centers from 90's.

Talking about Philly i would be not so enthusiastic. Definitely they will have greater season than last, but still bottom of the group for sure.
Warriors beat Pelicans despite Anthony David' 45

NEW ORLEANS – Quickly easing any fears their new lineup might have trouble gelling, the Golden State Warriors cruised to a 122-114 victory Friday night against the New Orleans Pelicans.
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I believe PELICANS will find their game soon and have some solid winning streaks.
Top 5 play for 31 October 2016.

(10-29-2016, 10:52 AM)Al Bundy Wrote: I believe PELICANS will find their game soon and have some solid winning streaks.

I support this statement.
[Image: s36ua1m.jpg]
oh god PHX 112-111 NOP after OT.
(11-08-2016, 07:16 PM)Al Bundy Wrote:

This guy actually took a rather good shot. It's when sometimes people with weird shooting techniques win such contests.
Sadly Pelicans still struggles to win.
Im still thinking... Are Pelicans as weak as last year 76ers or Vancouver Grizzlies.. i dont think so. Still waiting. What do you guys think?

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