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Dusko Vujosevic interview ,politics,basketball and more
Quote:Vujosevic‡: Europe is no longer the team

President of SD(Sports society) Partizan Dusko Vujosevic about dilemmas, spiritual crisis and basketball: I will not go to EU(European Union) with down-pants. Tadic is in harder position than Obama. Order here has to be introduced more brutal.

Dule Vujosevic can obtain a pre-game loss. This aphorism originated created in the Shrine of hot "Pionir"(Partizan home), when not so long ago Partizan under Dule made most of it successful year 2009 which crashed mighty Barcelona(who later become European champion).

This is only an excerpt from a rich career living basketball legend, who once publicly nominated by Milorad Dodik(president of Republika Srpska(B&H territory) as prime minister of Serbia. As the rest of the current basketball, favorite personality by fans seriously wonder what they did when will take control over Serbia(as state), which "adopted" Dodik candidacy:

- First I will introduced the line in traffic - pronounced like a cannon, and then casually assures us that it is not a member of any political party.

* Do you think that still it's easier to be president of America than Serbia?

- A hundred times. Large systems operate by themselves. Serbia has a good President, but whether he will survive Serbia we shall see.

* What does the noose tightens more: the dilemma of the EU or Kosovo or extinction of economic and social tensions that accompany us for decades ...

- It is obvious that the EU is playing with us. A good example is the famous resolution for Kosovo, which we are change at the urging of Brussels(center of European Union), because they probably promised privileges in the future EU accession. Or when extradite and Hadzic, a Brammertz(president of Hague Tribunal) come to ask: "Now let's see who is hiding him?". And finally, when you play in front of candidacy for the EU, they hit the north of Kosovo. I know it would mean to Europe and more law and less corruption, but I'm not there for it to enter without pants. If they won't us , why we should go there? For this sludge can not emerge if we turn ourselves.

* How to implement this collective endeavor, when we follow fate of discord?

- This line must be introduced to the brutal manner. When we talk about politics, I suggest simply a technical solution. First, the threshold for entering to parliament raised to ten percent. This would eliminate the blackmailing of little parties which they cause a hinder equal line in the state. Another suggestion is that you should be nice if you would like to help others. Insanity is contagious. So you have to be normal, no matter how difficult, to focus on the personal struggle.

* It's not easy when everything around us is bursting. Do you feel that dissatisfaction buzzing like a pressure pot?

- We passed through the bloody disintegration of Yugoslavia, embargo, we are now get squeeze of Kosovo precedent. We went out as the losers of the war, almost with no genuine allies. And all of this is burning. It can happen on are field like a "Maksimir"(It's Croatian football stadium where actually begin Yugoslav war) huge crack the powder keg on which we sit. That's why I feared of organizing Gay parade, but I was brought dramatic turn to tears. At the end of the day I heard the anthem for the volleyball Serbian team winning European Champ rather than the sound of police sirens.

* Are we on a powder keg "planted" by immature political and cultural elite, or adverse conditions that we are all a bit guilty?

- We have all the responsibility, but the biggest culprit is the political elite. Remember that not so long ago we had a minority government. Practically a one-leg lead Serbia. In a country where politics is understood largely as a means of enrichment, these outcomes like a logical consequence.

* There is no way around it but to test your concept of the new socialism ...

- Capitalism was a good while communism was for the competitor. When communism fail, capitalism has shown its worst face. Now I am the closest to the ideal of social justice like they had a legacy of the Scandinavian countries. However, they may be due to a good standard and a small number of people, but it certainly form a better world.

* With some new players?

- The balance of power is clearly changing. Those who have lost World War II, led by Germany, now have become winners. China, India and Brazil became a world power. Europe is in crisis because they are no longer a team. Anyone looking into your yard. Putin announces renewal of the Soviet Union as a Euro-Asian Union.

* On the floor you are destroying the most powerful teams even teams from NBA, but on a global scale David never to bring down Goliath. How small nations to deal with the arrogance of power?

- The driving force is the awareness that you are fighting for the right thing. The powerful are those who are fair, although not denying that injustice has become the new fuel system. The worst is when one reaches the level of humiliation when it is perceived as inferior natural state.

* But the great superiority of their natural. Can I, say, Americans, from ambition to be the new Rome to set fire to the planet? See what is going on in Libya, Afghanistan ...

- I fear a crisis in America, because they usually burn engines, then the war economy, which kills around the world. It happens to them can end or inflation or recession and lethal war. Anything is better than war, but will need a great idea to avoid. The world is no longer the same. Doubt in God is not birth a new morality.

* Speaking of geopolitics, as well as you applying proven as love Russia that we have never helped by the Russians?

- Russia is a big country and still has big problems. It is our luck that a friend of us is stronger, but do not expect Moscow to enter into a third world war over Serbia. Of course they will always support the diplomatic actions in the UN. My experience during my stay in Russia is bad, but not because of two people,and why i should change my emotions to are friendly country.

* So you still want from your game final when from the front row watched Putin?

- This is a guy I appreciate, it brings back the dignity of the Slavs. Far from being that is a great country that can govern without brutality. But he makes mistakes. So, he went to lodge of Red Star stadium.

* But Castro did not disappoint you? Are you fascinated by the strong-arm people just because they apply to you and that you are a dictator in the locker room?

- Because once all the so-called globalists cheered Castro to die, for me it was doing that he was survived. Provided by the Cuban sun, beautiful music, free education. I have read and that their doctors on the trail to find a cure for lung cancer. Otherwise, the more sympathy I have is for Che Guevara, although Fidel loved to play basketball.

* And, also likes to read like you. The players have bought books and you forced to read them. Was it a quixotic mission to the general spiritual desolation?

- I am, fortunately, one of the last century. I am leading a battle with my son that he "take off" from the Internet. And the players I tried to explain that "it is not life and cross the field." I wanted to meet quality leisure time. Reading develops the imagination, and without it you are handicapped in the field. I think that my mission was correct, although you can never know how someone will react to the vapors. Then often the spirit of man gives.

* How realistic that players of Red Star can stop dominance of black and white?

- Some politicians have speaks with statements that it is not good for the state to have only one team that is champion. We are not interested for the state which is good for someone else to be champion. Does the state should have the champion who's the best?

* How have you experienced shipwreck basketball in Lithuania? Who is guilty?

- I warned that the results in Poland and Turkey are not realistic. Honestly, I thought it better that we go through. Again, Duda has a loan to make this kind of failure. If he wants to continue to lead NT than it should be that. It will have a big incentive to improve in the qualifications for EC.

* Is there any chance that you sit on the bench?

- The contract with CSKA says that only I can do as a coach of Montenegro, since the time of signature was that. I am available to Russians, if they want to take me back.
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