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Euroleague Fantasy Challenge 2006-2007
Euroleague Fantasy Challenge is similar to football fantasy games. You pick players and get points for their performances. It is impossible to win it by starting now but I could set up a league for TalkBasket members. If you have any questions just ask.
Anyone interested in it?
A new edition for 2006/07 season is on now. The link is the same. I created a league for our members. Those who want to join it please post your e-mails here or PM me and I'll send you an invitation.
I personally would be up for it. A talkbasket league.
I'll join 100%

...and be aware I intend to win it Cool 1a
I'd join, in fact I've already made an account. Although, my basketball knowledge is limited.
OK for everyone who wants to join there are two ways to do that. PM me with your e-mail or go to private leagues section Euroleague Fantasy Challenge and find 'TalkBasket' and join it with the password 'talkbasket' Smile
I joined two teams if that's OK, one is a team I chose quite randomly, the other is made up completely of Lithuanians, so y'know...OK.

EDIT: Also added some people playing in Lithuanian teams becuase of lack of Lithuanians. Or at least lack of Lithuanians who ever play games.
I have joined a side, called "Rising Sun Conquistadores" in honour of Spain winin g the World Championshp in Japan. Actually, the only 2 world champs I have picked are Fernandez and Navarro.

The bulk of the side is Spanish.

Guards, Rubio (DKV, 15 years old, the new wonderkid) and Papalaoukas, the CSKA Greek wonder.

Small Forwards, De la Fuente and Navarro (Barcelona), Rudy Fernandez (DKV) and Panathinaikos' Papanikolau

Power Forwards, Vazquez (Barcelona), Jankunas (Zalgiris), Savrasenko (CSKA) and, just because of his name, TAU's Diego Fajardo.

I might, in fact will, do a second side too
1st Meistrai 106.4
2nd BC Andrius 104.2
3rd Rising Sun Conquistadores 100.2
4th BC Lietuva 84.7
5th Naismiths 82.3
I joined up Smile
Last game results -

1st BC Andrius 121.3
2nd Meistrai 93.3
3rd Rising Sun Conquistadores 91.1
4th BC Lietuva 91.0
5th Naismiths 81.0

Overall standings

1st BC Andrius 298.3
2nd Meistrai 289.5
3rd Rising Sun Conquistadores 287.5
4th Naismiths 215.2
5th BC Lietuva 213.9

Biggrin I'm in the lead. I'm a little shocked to be honest. Probably beginner's luck. Smile
I'll be joining too. Wink
Quote:I'll be joining too. Wink

Cool Thup

Gameweek 4 results:

1st Rising Sun Conquistadores 89.9
2nd Meistrai 89.6
3rd Free Hug Campaign 75.3
4th Naismiths 68.7
5th BC Andrius 65.4
6th BC Lietuva 63.0

Overall standings:

1st Meistrai 379.1
2nd Rising Sun Conquistadores 377.4
3rd BC Andrius 363.7
4th Naismiths283.9
5th BC Lietuva 276.9
6th Free Hug Campaign 75.3
Haven't updated my team for a while but still sitting at the top. Standings:

1st Meistrai Kalas 1,249.9
2nd Rising Sun Conquistadores 1,207.0
3rd BC Andrius AndriusG 1,183.3
4th Free Hug Campaign FreeHugs 972.0
5th Naismiths 875.9
6th BC Lietuva AndriusG 760.3
7th Team Bov Bov 715.4
Hahah, I completely forgot about this.

But yeah, third in this case isn't too great.
I had forgotten too... 2nd and 5th is not bad though!

I should review my team; for all I know I may have 3 injured players and 4 out of the tournament

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