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Welcome to TalkBasket!

I signed up yesterday but the forums got f****

So i guess i should sign up again.

if found the site from GK am the guy that advertised Total GFX

I love a bit of B-Ball

Knicks rule all.

Cya around Cool
Thanks for joining Ali. Nice to see basketball fans here. Please stick around and post a lot.
Nice to see the forum back up and running. Hi to all new members, my names waytey, I'm 17 and live in England. I know pretty much nothing about basketball but I support CSKA Moscow. Wink

See you guys around. Cool
I appreciate your support waytey. Thanks mate. I hope there won't be any problems now.
Fingers (and toes) crossed. And c'mon people - get posting and spread the word about the site. Wink
Welcome mates Smile Good idea Vilius Thup
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
Hello qwas. It's great to see you here. Thanks for the support. Looks like we need more smilies here Smile
move from Goal-Kick Smile
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
I was thinking about that Smile
btw. do you need links to NBA`s matches via internet?
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
It would be nice. You can post them in basketball videos forum.
(Mar 10, 2006, 12:31 pm)Vilius Wrote: It would be nice. You can post them in basketball videos forum.

ok I`ll put it tonight.
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
So yeah I joined up for 2 reasons, firstly because I don't really get much chance to catch up on basketball news so this should help and secondly, I wanted to support Vilius Cool

Anyway, cya around guys.
Welcome Jordo Thup well here you will get all the news that you want Smile And thanks for support mate Thup
Good to hear mate, I'll spread the word. I have a few mates who are into basketball so I'll let them know Thup

And yeah, anything I can do let me know mate Smile
Thanks Jordo. I am going to appoint few mods once we get bigger. You might that job if you are active and have good basketball knowledge Smile
Welcome qwas. Nice to see you, to see you nice. Biggrin
Oh, its you....... Tongue

Welcome matey, nice to see you here. No room at the inn for volleyballers though Tongue Tongue Tongue

welcome Jordo Smile
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
Welcome mate.

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