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Welcome to TalkBasket!
Hellow guis ..i am bball fan of Greece....i am ARIS SALONICA fan....
I noticed that you are from Greece and support Aris Tongue Anyway welcome to TalkBasket. Enjoy your stay mate Thup
Hi everyone,

I'm Michelle and I live in North Carolina. I am a rabid North Carolina State basketball fan and try to keep up with our alumni who go on to play in Europe too.

I merged all of these topics into one and pinned it so it won't disappear later.
Greetings everyone from Serbia!
Hi People, im from England but a big Boston Celtics fan
Hi there, hope to see you posting regurarly. Enjoy yourself Thup
Welcome, gugliaminpietro. Have a good time around Wink
Hello again,

I'm back to start posting here again.

cya around the forums.
(11-06-2006, 07:29 PM)Ali Wrote: Hello again,

I'm back to start posting here again.

cya around the forums.

Good to hear that. I really hope you do stick around this time Thup
(11-06-2006, 07:31 PM)Vilius Wrote: Good to hear that. I really hope you do stick around this time Thup

Yeah i should do.

Hello lads. I used to watch nba but I think nfl and nhl is better. But I plan to get back into the nba. I heard Miami Heat won last year and they were 3-0 down. Blink
Thanks for joining mate. I hope you to broaden your area of interest outside NBA Thup and also to become a good poster (which we lack at the moment Smile )
hello everyone

short info

Name: Evaldas (pretty difficult Biggrin )
nick: Al Bundy Wink
country : Lithuania
Favorite Nba team: Boston Celtics (from old days Sad )
Favorite Euroleague Team: Kauno Zalgiris
Favorite players of all time: M.Jordan, T.Kukoc, A.Sabonis, S.Marciulionis
Favorite current players: R.Siskauskas, R. Fernandez, M.Popovic
Favorite Nation: Lithuania

see you around lads Smile
hey guys!

just wanted to say hello!

I'm new here and I think it's quiet a nice forum Smile

I'm living in Germany and I'm a great fan of Greek basketball....

so far,

Hello, thanks for joining. Please stick around and have fun Smile
'Lo Guys Biggrin

Vilius brought me here to mod the GFX Forum, which I'll do Biggrin I don't know much about b-ball but will try and learn...
Hey Bov,

I hope your basketball knowledge will grow fast here Smile and I'm sure you'll do the job well Thup
Hey guys and Vil famous Pana is here.Hope to have a good basketball time.See ya
Hey Pana. Thanks for joining. I hope you like it here Smile
Yep, another GK migrant polluting these boards to talk about Basketball! Biggrin

My name is Dave for those who couldn't guess, I'm 18 and I'm here to expand my knowledge of basketball beyond my meagre knowledge of the NBA. Vilius has assured me European Basketball is quality so I look forward to finding out more about it. Thup

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