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Welcome to TalkBasket!
Hi there, thanks for joining Thup I hope you'll become regular here Smile
thanks for joining.

stick around and post well Thup
Welcome to the forums. Thanks for joining. I hope you'll help keep the forums active. Smile
welcome , enjoy the forums.
I'm Roy, also know as erm.. Roy from goal-kick? Cool

My favourite sport is football, but my second favourite sport is basketball, watching and playing. In addition, my favourite basketball team is Maccabi, and I'm sad all the stars are leaving us now, including the head coach Pini Gershon.

I'll try being active as much as I can, more informed about the European basketball, and Uh... having fun. Smile
Oh it's Roy! Welcome to TalkBasket mate. It's good to see you here.

Maccabi are losing their stars but they'll get good replacements. For example Spahija is one of the top coaches in Europe and I am sad that he left Lietuvos Rytas. You also got Simas Jasaitis and targeting some good players like Ron Mercer.

Stick around Thup
hi roy welcome to talkbasket hope your as active here as you are on goal kick Biggrin
hey im Ryan , i like the occasional game of basketball now and then although i really should watch it more sky only tends to show at mad hours Thudown

My favourite Team is the harlem globetrotters and league wise Miami for big shaq and Wade because they are DA BOMB

cya around
hi ryan about time to see one of my mates on here Biggrin enjoy your stay and post well which i know you will Thup
Hi there Ryan, thanks for joining TalkBasket. Any help just ask. Enjoy your stay and post well.
Hello all,

I have been invited to this site and I am glad I joined. basketball is not easy to follow when you like in England

I am Spanish and a Real Madrid supporter, but I also like the other Madrid team, Estudiantes, because both teams are from my neighbourhood.
Hi Diego, thanks for joining. It's good to see another basketball fan over here. You already have 12 posts and I see you have good basketball knowledge Thup I hope you'll stay and enjoy the site.
I just joined and am posting to say hi!

I'm 15, from Lithuania, living in London. I support BC Žalgiris and generally root for any NBA team with Lithuanian players Biggrin

That's about it for now... Thup
Welcome Andrius

You are number 32... like Magic Johnson! A good start
A good start, indeed!

Well, I'd better get posting in the main forums now...
Sveikas! Good to see another Lithuanian here Thup I hope you'll stick round and keep on posting.
Welcome roy, enjoy the forums.
Coolio, we got another brit, welcome ryan, and yeah miama are great.
Welcome, yeah seconded vilius, you do seem to have good basketball knowlegde, stick around.
Welcome, me im more of a rytas fan Biggrin but welcome anyways.

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