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Top 16 Gameweek 3
Wednesday, March 8th

Lietuvos Rytas - Tau Ceramica

[quote name='"":7b99d']Tau Ceramica won a crucial showdown in Top 16 Group F when it defeated visiting Lietuvos Rytas 96-89 at home in Vitoria, Spain on Wednesday. Tau improved to 2-1 and took over second place in the Group F standings. L.Rytas dropped to 1-2 and will travel to Moscow next week for a critical game against group leader CSKA. Serkan Erdogan led the winners with 27 points off the bench, hitting 10 of 12 free throws. Casey Jacobsen added 14 points while Kornel David and Luis Scola each had 10 for Tau. Scola also grabbed 9 rebounds and dished a game-high 7 assists. Matt Nielsen led L.Rytas with 19 points, while Fred House and Simas Jasaitis each had 18. Roberts Stelmahers had 13 points and Robertas Javtokas 12 and 9 rebounds for the guests, who trailed 76-73 with under 7 minutes to go. A double technical foul on L.Rytas head coach Neven Spahija marked the start of a 11-0 Tau run in which Erdogan had 6 points, enough for the hosts to seal the outcome long before the final buzzer.

Stelmahers nailed the first three-pointer of the night to open the scoring on the first possession for L. Rytas. Nielsen added 5 consecuive points in a 3-8 opening run that allowed L.Rytas to control the game early. Tau only found points from beyond the arc, as both Scola and Tiago Splitter remained scoreless through 5 minutes. Jacobsen hit a three to reduce the difference and Travis Hansen a short jumper to tie 8-8, but soon L.Rytas joined the three-point festival. House, Stelmahers and Jasaitis scored from downtown to put the guests back in charge, 13-17, after 7 minutes. Tau found answers from its bench, as Erdogan and David came in to score all the points in a 7-0 run that allowed the hosts to take a 20-17 at the end of the first quarter.

Tau didn't stop there. Sergi Vidal opened fire in the second quarter with a three-pointer, after which Erdogan widened the gap to 25-17 with a baseline layup. L. Rytas got its response from House and Nielsen, but Tau had already found its momentum. Erdogan followed a corner three-pointer with a free throw while Predrag Drobnjak increased the margin to 32-22. L. Rytas tried a timeout, but Erdogan remained on fire as Tau's lead soared to 40-24. L. Rytas improved a bit when Javtokas returned to the court, but it was not enough due to the visitors' poor shooting. Despite losing Erdogan to his third foul, Tau managed to retain a comfortable margin, 48-36, at halftime.

L. Rytas started strong after intermission, shocking Tau with suffocating defense. The visitors came within 51-46 after just 2 minutes thanks to their dominance under the boards, which allowed them to earn easy fastbreak baskets. Tau repeated the same game they performed in the beginning, getting points from the three point line to prevent L. Rytas from rallying more. Just the same, Nielsen answered from the same distance to get the guests closer, at 61-57. Then Stelmahers capped the comeback with 4 points in a row to tie 61-61 after 26 minutes. Tau switched to zone defense at that time, while at the other end, Erdogan nailed another three-pointer to save the lead. The defensive change made the difference for Tau, taking L. Rytas off its momentum and allowing the hosts to escape to a 71-64 edge after 30 minutes.

Javtokas and Jasaitis showed that things were not over when they ignited a 1-5 run to start the final quarter. The hosts got some relief when a flagrant foul called on Stelmahers turned into free throws by Pablo Prigioni and a layup by Scola. The situation got even worst for the visitors when head coach Neven Spahija was ejected because of back-to-back technical fouls with 6:30 to play. Erdogan added 3 points from the free throw line, then he and Prigioni popped from downtown in a 9-0 run that made it 85-73 midway through the last quarter. Despite all those problems, L. Rytas kept pushing inside with Javtokas and Nielsen to come within 90-83 with 3 minutes to go. Erdogan took over again for the hosts with a short jumper, but Jasaitis reduced the gap even more with a three-pointer. It was Scola, with a layup, who kept the hosts calm at 94-86, before Javtokas missed a couple of free throws entering in the last minute, leaving L. Rytas without enough time left and Tau with a hold on second place in Group F.[/quote]

Now Lietuvos Rytas must win all the rest of the games. Next match is away against CSKA Moscow.

Picture 1 TAU Turkish shooting guard Serkan Erdogan killed Lithuanian vice champions with his 3-pointers.

Picture 2 One of the leaders of Lietuvos Rytas - Simas Jasaitis

Picture 3 Argentinian national team and TAU Ceramica star Luis Scola.

Picture 4 Lietuvos Rytas Latvian point guard Roberts Stelmahers.

[Image: med_1828_53.jpg] [Image: med_1818_50.jpg] [Image: med_1828_52.jpg] [Image: med_1818_49.jpg]

Group F

Tau Ceramica 96-89 Lietuvos Rytas

Group G

Cibona 91-80 Benetton [url="http://http"]Match Report[/url]

Panathinaikos 73-76 Efes Pilsen [url="http://http"]Match Report[/url]

Cibona was the last team to get to Top 16 and now they are breaking all the predicitons with a 3rd win in a row. Meanwhile one of the favourites to win Euroleague, Panathinaikos have lost their chances to qualify with a 3rd staright loss.

Today's matches

Group D

Zalgiris Kaunas vs. Unicaja [url="http://http"]Preview[/url]

Winterthur FCB vs. Olympiacos [url="http://http"]Preview[/url]

Group E

Climamio vs. Maccabi Elite [url="http://http"]Preview[/url]

Ulker Istanbul vs. Real Madrid [url="http://http"]Preview[/url]

Group F

GHP Bamberg vs. CSKA Moscow [url="http://http"]Preview[/url]

Do or die situation for Zalgirs and Unicaja. The team who lose will have no realistic chances to qualify. Both teams need to win all 4 remaining games to qualify, so one of them will lose its chances today. What are your predictions about all the matches?
Zalgiris - great team. Many famous players played in this team like: Sabonis,Chomicius,Jowaischa,Einikis (he played in Poland - Slask Wroclaw and Prokom-Trefl Sopot),Visockas.

Btw. Does Statyba Vilnius exist still?
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
You know quite much about Zalgiris <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: --> It is Jovaisa not Jowaischa. I guess it is a Polish version of his last name to make the pronounciation easier. Yes Zalgiris produces so many young talents. I could add Kurtinaitis, Stombergas, Paulauskas both Zukauskas. and more to your list. This season there are great young players like Serapinas, Maciulis, Jankunas. There are also 18 year old promising players. This should probably been posted in Lithuanian section.

Statyba Vilnius no longer exists. Actually it didn't disappear but in 1998 Lietuvos Rytas was established based on Statyba players.
Sorry for Jovaisa <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> He was a great player. Stombergas - I remember him. Quite good player too. I like your basket especially some of your players like Arvydas Sabonis or Marciulionis.

Btw. do you have any films with Sabonis and Marciulionis?
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
I have a short clip from Barcelona olympics. And I have a film "Lithuanian Basketball 1920-2004" which includes all Lithuanian basketball history from 1920 till the end of 2004 olympics with the best moments. I could upload it somewhere. There are 3 files 699MB each!
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
It would take hours for me upload it but if you want it won't be a big problem. What is the best place for hosting that large files?
Hmmm FileFront or Rapidshare. You can upload one file in 1Gb size.
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
OK. I'll try to do that during the weekend. Just thought to mention that the film is in Lithuanian language. But I guess it's not a problem.
for me? no problem <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
After losing to Unicaja yesterda Zalgiris lost all its chances to go through. There is very very small theoretical chance to take 2nd place in the group but Zalgiris need to win all 3 remaining games and expect results from their rivals.

Group D

Zalgiris 66-79 Unicaja [url="http://http"]Review[/url]

Winterthur 76-72 Olympiacos [url="http://http"]Review[/url]

Group E

Climamio 84-89 Maccabi Elite [url="http://http"]Review[/url]

Ulker 69-71 Real Madrid [url="http://http"]Review[/url]

Group F

GHP Bamberg 64-75 CSKA [url="http://http"]Review[/url]
no Vilius, zalgiris could win two games only <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin -->

[url="http://http"]this link[/url] only Vilius could read <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> sorry guys
Interesting. Thanks for the link <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: --> I was really surprised to see that Zalgiris can qualify even by winning only two games. They need to win all three and they will be less dependent on other results.

Barcelona, TAU Ceramica and Pamesa are all interested in Simas Jasaitis. I think he will leave Lietuvos Rytas after this season. Javtokas might go to NBA. Other players would probably leave two so Rytas will have to build almost completely new team.
hard time for Rytas <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> Javtokas gets 600.000 mln euro wage at Rytas <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->

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