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Favourite team
What is your favourite NBA team for me Boston Celtics though i like Phoenix and Heat aswell
I liked Kings, Blazers, Bulls in different times now I don't know which one is my favourite.
Bulls ruled the league in the 90s with rodman and jordan i think they had pippen too
I liked Bulls and Blazers too Smile now I like B.Celtic Biggrin because their shirts are like Zalgiris colors Biggrin
lol good reason
The Dallas Mavericks.
Ill give that to you Dirk rocks
Im a Miami Heat fan
Boston Celtics.

These have allways been my favourite.
this guys cool Thup
not only that the colors are the same Smile Boston is a great city diffrent from other american towns Biggrin second they got that irish gremlin on the logo Biggrin and there played one of my favorite players Dino Radja Smile
yah its a nice place
Cleveland Cavaliers,

Miami Heat,

Pheonix Suns

always have and probably always will.
New York Knicks of course!!
same as one of friends ali whos your favourite player?
My favourite is Boston Celtics. I like Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons also.
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
Knicks play well at the moment Biggrin Biggrin P.Ewning gone and we see the result Biggrin sad...
When I was younger I liked the Western conference teams, especially Lakers and Utah Jazz. Nowadays I like the Eastern conference more because they are more European in their lifestyle, but if I had to chose one team it'd be Clippers, though theyare in the West, because they started in San Diego (quite a poor reason, I know)

I pay attention to Toronto (Calderon and now Garbajosa are the reasons) and Memphis (Gasol)
I also liked the lakers until they traded half their players and same with minnesota now i like cleveland Lebron James makes everything happen
I'm Washington Wizards big fan Wink

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