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Above poster thread
You will all know how this game is played...hopefully

Just make it 1 post per day or you will have your post deleted. If it happens again you will recive a warning etc.

So lets start this
is quite a new member, lives in England and supports newcastle falcons

Seems a cool guy
Could be from America, Could be from Scotland or even England we shall never know. Supports Boston Celtics so should be a nice rivalry between me and him Smile
does not know where i come from (England) Biggrin will be hoping that LeBron and his minions can cause a upset near the seasons end
like him because he supports Boston like me Wink
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
seems a nice guy name dosen't make too much sense but supports a great team
seems a nice guy, but i dont no much about him cause ive only joined Biggrin
KNow him from TI and is a good member. Talk to him on msn sometimes and hes seems cool.
Supports a great team, fraid i don't know him to well, but he noramlly posts constructively and well Biggrin .Keep it up.
Is the reciever on I think my first reply on these forums.
Is member #2 which makes him special Biggrin Could be posting more Wink
Vilius the famous admin from GK and now here as far as i know him from GK he is amazing guy and considering the success of GK i see this site becoming huge someday.
The famous Pana Smile A good member on GK and active poster. I am sure he can become even more active here.
The heart and soul of this forum - in fact 36.94% of this forum Ohmy

Guy with huge basketball knowledge, real nice guy.

Always got somehing nice to say about everyone Cool

...but huge basketball knowledge? Dunno 'bout that, mate Blink

I thought huge basketball knowledge gueess i was wrong.

Very cool guy.

When scanning for the forum, looking at topics and stuff, you can tell he's a cool guy and a very good poster. Supports Boston Celtics who are a good team not doing too bad I guess Thup
A cool guy from what I've seen on other forums. Always quality poster with interest in basketball Thup
Great guy to talk to on msn, owns my 2 of my favourite forums, Goal-Kick and Tb

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