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2006/07 season
Today finalists will be decided.

FMP Zeleznik vs Lietuvos Rytas (+11)

Real Madrid vs Uniks Kazan (+7)

Both matches will be broadcasted live on [Image: lg_eurosport2.jpg].

Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, March 20th

17:00 UK Time FMP vs Lietuvos Rytas LIVE

19:00 UK Time Real Madrid vs Uniks LIVE

The final will be played on April 10th in Charleroi, Belgium.

A short vid filmed by a spectator in Siemens Arena (Rytas home arena (11,000 fans)) from the first leg Lietuvos Rytas vs FMP <!-- m --><a class="postlink" target="_blank" href="">[url=""][/url]</a><!-- m -->
Lietuvos Rytas go to the final! They become the first team in ULEB Cup history to reach the final two times. They are the 2005 champions. Rytas had some poor periods against FM but never let them run and result was almost for most of the time. Plus Rytas had 11 points advantage from the first game. FMP scored a 3 pointer at the buzzer to win a game by 3 points which wasn't enough.

FMP Zeleznik 72:69 Lietuvos Rytas*

[url="http://http"][Image:][/url] [url="http://http"][Image:][/url]

In other semi-final Unics couldn't keep their 7 point advantage and were crushed by Real Madrid by 21 points. Real have been struggling this season and were very inconsistent. They have a strong team and will be very hard to beat in the final.

Real Madrid* 84:63 Unics Kazan


[url="http://http"][Image:][/url] [url="http://http"][Image:][/url]

I hope that Rytas can win the final and return to Euroleague and we'll have two teams in it again like we did last year and it was amazing.
Sorry I have not been here for ages... I'm ashamed

More even so when it seems I'm here to sing the praise for my side... But I think we can win this.

I have to say I thought this ULEB Cup was a weaker tournament but it is not. There are plenty of top class players. Real Madrid will have a nice rival in Lietuvos, always nice to play against teams that have a tradition in the sport and Lithuania has lots.

I have to say Real madrid are favourites. Gran Canaria gave Lyetuvos a good run for their money earlier on the competition and lost to Real madrid in the summer friendlies. Real madrid lost to Happoel Tel Aviv a couple of years ago when they were clear favourites. You don't win games before the first jump nowadays... We hope we have learnt. We also hope Hervelle can win in front of his Belgian countrymen.

I am very much looking forward to this

Hala Madrid!
Great to see you here Diego! I hope you'll come and post often now.

In my opinion Rytas can win if they use their defence wisely. The final should be great. Another posistive thing is that it might happen that Rytas would play in Euroleague next season even if they lose if Real qualifies for Euroleague from Spanish league. Rytas is clearly showing that they are Euroleague level team but ULEB care only about money and I hate this.
Wahey, Diego's back!

Well, clearly, Rytas will be the underdogs since Madrid have more quality in their team, but I really hope it will be a close match. In my opinion, a lot depends on how Rush performs. If he gets the space he needs, and shoots well he can get 20-25 points quite easily. And it would also be good to see Zukauskas blocking like he did against FMP, cause that on it's own could easily save 5-10 points.

But maybe I'm looking at this too statistically. The better team on the night will win, and it would be great if the better team turned out to be a Lithuanian one <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin -->

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