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Jay Jays portfolio
[Image: carmelocopy0gl.png]

[Image: iversonexcopy1av.png]

[Image: manuexcopy2sa.png]

[Image: shaqcopyut9.png]
Nice sigs. With a bit of improvement they could be great Thup
agree with vilius they are good, the shaq o'neil one is my favourite love the colours
Manu Ginobili Wub

Definately room for improvement with these sigs, but the potential is there. Thup
Yeah, they look great, i love the brushing in the backgrounds
I really like your work. Although the bg does look good. Try something different as all the sigs have very similar bg's
jesus H Bush. look at how crap they are Biggrin

heres some new stuff

[Image: melo2copy.jpg]

[Image: melo2.jpg]

[Image: carmelo-2.jpg]

[Image: c-anthony-2.jpg]

aint got anymore Basketball related
These look top class mate Thup Maybe some Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony fan could use them here?
I don't know if this is your return but I hope so. Good work. You are a good sigs maker as it looks to me. See you around.

P.S. I have a request in the request thread. Aspa promised to give it a try but until then, maybe you could try too?

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