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Group C
Group C







Schedule UK time

August 19th

Brazil - Australia 5:30

Greece - Qatar 8:30

Turkey - Lithuania 11:30

August 20th

Qatar - Brazil 5:30

Australia - Turkey 8:30

Lithuania - Greece 11:30

August 22nd

Lithuania - Qatar 5:30

Greece - Australia 8:30

Turkey - Brazil 11:30

August 23rd

Australia - Lithuania 5:30

Qatar - Turkey 8:30

Brazil - Greece 11:30

August 24th

Australia - Qatar 5:30

Lithuania - Brazil 8:30

Greece - Turkey 11:30
Turkey,Australia and Greece have old bills with Lithuania... exciting matches are waiting between those teams... hope to see one winner - LITHUANIA.
12 Hours left until Lithuania's first game, can't wait!


(I'm quite excited) <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin -->

LIETUVA! <!-- sCool -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif[/img]<!-- sCool -->
First result from Group C

Australia 83:77 Brazil

Good game for Aussies and also very important win. This makes the group more difficult to predict now. I saw 4th quarter and Brazilians didn't look too impressive. They had a chance to decrease gap to 2 points but missed the shot.
Lithuania have messed it big time... Losing to greece is "acceptable" but Turkey was out of the script. This will probably turn into a 2nd round game against Argentina or France, which means losing one big team before the last 8

Greece will probably win the group, but the game with Turkey will be a hot derby. Australia and Brazil will also have their say, so Lithuania have to strart playing and performing according to their level
Qatar 66:97 Brazil

Australia 68:76 Turkey

Lithuania 76:81 Greece after overtime

Turkey got the second win and they are almost 100% sure to qualify for the next round.

With so many players missing our team just can't play a good game <!-- sSad -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]<!-- sSad --> We played so poorly yesterday but almost defeated Turkey and today the same could have happened with Greece but it didn't. We deadly need a good PG. Gustas is ... I'd rather not start swearing here. Kalnietis is only 20 and almost with no experience but still he is better. There is no "idea" in our attacks. Players just keep passing the ball around 3pt line and make unprepared shots. That's not all. We make so many turnovers that are unbelievable from professionals. In addition we don't use our advantage - front line. Frowards don't get the ball when they should. They don't move to get open. If we would only have one good PG the game would look completely different. I almost lost any hope <!-- sUnsure -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/unsure.gif[/img]<!-- sUnsure --> We need to win all three games to make sure we qualify for the next round. If we don't improve the game during one free day tomorrow then we have no chances to win against Australia and Brazil. So far we are probably the most underachieving team <!-- s:thudown: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thudown.gif[/img]<!-- s:thudown: -->
Lithuania will obviouisly beat Qatar, but a mistake against Brazil or Australia could send them packing their bags. I think they should qualify 3rd, meaning a game against Italy probably, or the USA in case they'd lost to the Italians (unlikely). Lithuania can beat Italy, it's a cracking game that comes too early, and one big gun will be sent home at least a round too early
Lithuania 106:65 Qatar

Greece 72:69 Australia

Finally a win for Lithuania. Of course Qatar is not the team we should be proud of beating but still +41 is good result. Greece and Brazil beat them by smaller margin. This is our hope to turn things round and start winning games. The game is slowly improving but the real tests are waiting tomorrow and on Thursday.
well that game was only going to have one winner... anything different would have been an humilliation. I am surprised with Greece's win, as the margin is narrow. But that's what happens when you play short scores. You can't beat anybody by 16 points if you play to score 65.

Lithuania sort their chances of being 3rd tomorrow. A win will put it on track, a defeat could well mean a farewell, if Brazil beats Greece.

Quite a tough and impredictible group
Another win for us against Australia and it seemed like the team is playing better but there still are some very annoying mistakes. A strong point has been our defense with teams having to resort to shooting from the 3-point line and sometimes even further back. I've also taken quite a liking to Macijauskas' alley-oop passes <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin -->

The best moments were in the third period when the team looked like a team, as it should do. Accurate passes, fast breaks and good defense, those moments won us the match.

So now, we need to beat Brazil and hope for some luck in how the teams in group D finish.
Australia 57:78 Lithuania

Qatar 69:76 Turkey

Brazil 77:86 Greece

So Greece and Turkey will settle for first and second palce tomorrow.

Lithuania should be 3rd... let's see

Should they beat Brazil, 3rd Lithuania 4th Australia

Should they lose, each of these 3 teams would have a win in direct games. So to points difference

Lithuania starts the game with a healthy +21

Brazil starts in a not too bad -6

Australia have a +6 against Brazil but -21 with Lithuania, meaning -15

Australia won't change their -15 and will never qualify shoud Brazil beat Luithuania as that -6 would decrease to -5 or better. For Lithuania to go worse than -15 they would have to lose by 37, and won't happen

So Lithuania have +27 advantage for their game with Brazil, whcih should be halved. (14) If Lithuania loses by 13 or less (+8 at least) they'd be better than Baztil (+7 at best)

So for Lithuanians' fans:

Lithuania will be 3rd if they win or lose by a maximum of 13 points to Brazil

Will be 4th if they lose between 14 and 36

Will be out if they lose for over 37 points
Greece looks very strong. Though Vilius` countrymen should win one of the medals.
[Image: dudek5.jpg]
As Andrius said this game was much better than the first two. Defense was also solid forcing 20+ Australian turnovers. All 12 players played in this game. The number of silly mistakes was reduced too. Our coach Antanas Sireika said that the team will start playing perfect until the end of WC. Very optimistic words but I was wondering if he meant until the end of the whole competition ot until it ends for Lithuania <!-- sBlink -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/blink.gif[/img]<!-- sBlink --> <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> At least we won't have the pressure on in the last game against Brazil. We will probably get Italy in the last 16 and I expect a very tough game. Maybe we can revenge for Athens 2004.

[quote name='"qwas":0f130']Greece looks very strong. Though Vilius` countrymen should win one of the medals.[/quote]

I can only hope that you are right qwas. Unfortunately now there are not many signs showing we can go that far.
Australia have beaten Qatar by a great margin. Not sure of the score as I have seen two (93-46, 96-44?) It doesn't make a difference

Lithuania 79:74 Brazil

I'll leave the technicalities to you Lithuanians fans. Lithuania started with a great margin and struggled in the end. But they won, clinched 3rd and Brazil finished 5th and out. Australia takes 4th and will play the USA while Lithuania will meet Italy
It really didn't have to be this hard against Brazil. We started great with a few great attacks and took the lead, but then when the 3-pointers started bouncing out we seemed out of ideas and the tough defense really limited our attacking possibilities.

If the Brazilians hadn't missed 16 3-point attempts in a row, then we would've had it a lot tougher. Also, way too many mistakes and some of them were ridiculous. Fouling is another problem - too many defensive fouls and fouls when attacking resulted in 3 players racking up 5 fouls.

Gustas had a great game, he was accurate and quietly effective. Darius Lavrinovic did well and has been doing well throughout the tournament. Songaila is a reliable player too but he seemed to lose his temper towards the end of the match.

All in all, we're through and will play against Italy which will be a tough match, but as long as we learn from our mistakes then maybe we have a chance to get a medal. <!-- sBiggrin -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/biggrin.gif[/img]<!-- sBiggrin -->
I have mixed feelings about Lithuanaia in this Tournament

They started bad, nut they seemed to be in clear progession when they beat Australia by +21. Then they seemed to be doing good today, but went into a stop, some sort of blockage that let Brazil back into the game. Now I'm not sure if they are in the way up or the way down in form.

Italy is a tough game. For both sides. And of course I'll support Lithuania (except France, anybody before the Italians). Whoever wins will meet probably Spain, who will have a softer round even if it is Serbia who we meet. The level of physical and mental demand the Italy v Lithuania game will have may prove key in the QF game. Though some teams can find the momentum then, and after a vicotry ina tough game they may fancy their chances against whoever comes next.

It's getting good...
Greece 76:69 Turkey

1. Greece 5/0

2. Turkey 4/1

3. Lithuania 3/2

4. Australia 2/3

5. Brazil 1/4

6. Qatar 0/5

We made 27 turnovers today! Again it is very bad and totally unacceptable result. Lithuania is probably averaging 20+ turnovers per gamer and this doesn't look top be getting any better <!-- sSad -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif[/img]<!-- sSad --> On the other hand Gustas scored 19 points which was a positive surprise. The team has a good motivation ahead of Italy game and hopefully it'll help us.

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