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Isreali ball
israeli league will start soon in an interesting game between Maccabi And Hapoel Jerusalem ...
Maccabi looks weaker this year at least to me. But I still think that Israeli league will once again be one-horse race. I will look forward to the updates.
Maccabi have lost a league in the last 30 years, haven't they?

I remember once watching TV in Spain some years ago the comentator explained that Maccabi and Israel Legend Miki Berkowitz told his son to watch how Maccabi lost the final game in the league because it was a piece of history.

Of course Maccabi save their energy for the Euroleague, while the Spanish, Greek or Italian sides have a tough game week in week out
Well it's not that correct. Maccabi allways have hard time in the israeli league. teams as hapoel Jerusalem and Nahariya are strong enough for the last years, the trouble is that in those last years wer'e dealing with Maccabi had the strongest team in europe so nobody had a chance. Today Hapoel Manages to build a new and talented team, coached by Dan Shamir who was Pini assitant for the last 3 years. he defenatly knows Maccabi inside out, and that's a great advantage.

we all familiar with Maccabi and Hapoel so I'll expand on two other teams wich i like much.

Ironey Nahahria- a northan team in a city which been bombarded on a daily bases in the recent war. Naharia had good seasons last years by making it to the isreali Play offs and to the last stages of the Eurocup by FIBA. the team manager is Miki Berkowitz ( legendary IL player M .I. K. I as he was called ). i doubt if nahariya could competet with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv but it will make them both hard time.

Galil elyon- here in israel we call to this wonderfull romantic team "the israeli Olimpija" and we mean that this team had allwys been known as the number one talent develop team. lots of Israeli greatest played there : Nadav Henefeld, Doron Shefer, adn most recentley Lior Eliyahu (who scored 21 on CSKA last game and did very good in the pre seasons). this team is been trained by no other than legendary Oded Katash and holds in her hand one of the promising isreali PG : Ohayon.

I'll do my best to keep u guys updated...
Well till now as usuall maccabi rulezzzzzz by beating Jerusalem in TLV. I was in this game and NOKIA arena looks great the game was much less.
[quote name='"GuyOFK":6f319']Well till now as usuall maccabi rulezzzzzz by beating Jerusalem in TLV. I was in this game and NOKIA arena looks great the game was much less.[/quote]

Nice to hear you went to watch the game. Could you tell me more about Jasaitis. Our news sites always give us his stats but to see the stats and to see him playing is different.

Also what is the capacity of Nokia Arena? I know that it is around 12000 seats. Siemens Arena has almost 11000 seast but it looks smaller that Nokia Arena at least on TV.
about Simas- he is just great till now (thogh he was lazy against Rome)- he moves a lot on many pics and lots of maccabi tactices counts on his great shooting skills from behind the arch. he allways on the right place defensivley and offensivley. he helps with rebounding and do it great. his biggest roblems is that he can't drrible or make his own shots, he needs a team effort in order to play well, he allso got slow legs, but thats cause he plays as a SG in maccabi and than he got problems stopping fast guards which are shorter than him. any way he is the fans favorite till now ( togather with Lior Eliyahu).

NOKIA arena- 11000 seats capacity, huge screens (NBA style) in the middle. 24 of VIP boxes. the building is been under great upgrading in the lst 3 years and about to be acomplished during this season. it will be covered with glass and many stores, pubs and restuarents wil surround it. it looks smaller cuz of the improvments that took the seats closer to the court.
It's good to hear that Simas is doing well there. Yeah his dribling and defending were his main problems. In a team like Maccabi opportunities are made for him so he can use his shooting skills. Thanks for the info <!-- s:thup: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/thup.gif[/img]<!-- s:thup: -->
No problems <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->
[quote name='"GuyOFK":6207d']No problems <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->[/quote]

first of all, maccabi have lost the championship 14 years ago... on the 1992/93 season to galil elyon, this year is gonna be a 1horse race just as you said, hapoel jerusalem have too many problems financelly, and i doubt they would be able to compete on the high lvl with maccabi, we might see maccabi losing a game or 2 in thje final series , but the championship is gonna be theirs anyhow.
Hye tolik. I'm gald u like hapoel beer Sheva <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile --> I leave right next by and I hope they will make it to the 1th league). I wrote "no problems" as a response to Vilius, not to say that we do not have problems in our domestic league. gald u joined .
well last round in the israeli leuage was really nice.

I'll start with Hapoel Jerusalem VS Hapoel Ashkelon- Gosh this game was intanse! hapoel is not at it's best. still finding lots of troubles. the game was tied but Matan Naor manged to score 6/7 3pointers and helped to get hapoel a home win.

Galil Elyon VS Ironi Nahariya-89-82 - that games was a great opertunity to watch Omri caspi and Raviv Limonad. Raviv (Nahariya was great) scored 15 and dished 7 ass. Caspi was solid with 14. keep your eyes on both of this playres. in a few years they will be in a top clubs.

and for another thing. Maccabi tlv manged to get a hard home win over Bney Hasharon, after a hard game. Bney Hasharon led most of the time. Lee Nailon was good.

[url=""][/url] ---> stats

[url=",7340,L-4145,00.html"],7340,L-4145,00.html[/url] ---> movies

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