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Seriously, people...
Where is everyone?

It's like a ghost town or something Bag

REVEAL YOURSELVES, members of TalkBaset.

And talk about basket.

I wish that all our members were like you. I try to post as much as I can but usually I don't get any reply. It is harder to run successful basketball forum than it might look. Hopefully someone will read this thread and start posting.
I'm a pretty new member and trying my best to get involved in basketball discussions with my relatively little knowledge of the game.

If it's any consolation, I've been doing a fair bit of mod work round here! Laugh
well im trying to get involed as much as possible

anyways its a great game and soon the rest will realise and we will dominate the world. Ha HA HA !

ok getting carried away now
For the first time a load of red icons have appaeared down the side of the page as opposed to blue ones. Activity is upon us! Biggrin
Mine are slightly more orange than the usual pale orange.

But this is exactly what we like to see Biggrin
Well i will start posting now
sorry ive been ill recently and have been finally able to get back to posting now.
Hopefully this signals a mini-revival round here after a couple of months of pretty much nothing.
I came on here and nearly every icon was a darker orange. I was quite shocked.

In a good, way though Biggrin
Sorry to bump an old thread but I am posting here all alone Boredom This could be a good forum if it was more active. I will try to promote it in any way I can.
Is this forum alive? Baby
Quote:Is this forum alive? Baby

We have what we have. People like you can make the difference Wink
Of course it is alive... and rocking!
Respect and thanks for everything:

Alvertis, Bodiroga, Jasikevicius, Radja, Wilkins, Vrankovic, Fotsis, Rebraca, Kattash, Gentile, Koch, Middleton, Kutluay, Rogers, Papadopoulos, Becirovic, Tomasevic, Siskauskas, Pekovic, Lakovic, Vujanic, Chatzivrettas, Maljkovic, Spanoulis and many more to follow in the near future.
[Image: vspa.jpg]

i'm new too andwhen i be posting no one is online
Quote:i'm new too andwhen i be posting no one is online

That's because you post when it's night time in Europe. And since majority of our posters are Europeans they aren't online at the time when you are posting.
It happens to me quite a bit, I think it is because I come on to post, I make a few, and because you guys are sound asleep while I'm wide awake, it seems slow moving.

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