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Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA
My thoughts on who is the Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA.

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Well, you have to make clear to us, whether this thread is about NBA's top playmakers or about NBA's top point guards.

I know that the title says "Point Guards" but in the video, you talk a lot about assists and making your teammates better.

Anyway, my top 5 point guards in the NBA, in terms of current abilities(not just passing, not just etc), are:

1. Deron Williams
2. Derrick Rose
3. Chris Paul
4. Steve Nash(even in this age he's... just great!) Thup
5. Rajon Rondo (if he had a good shot, he'd probably be the best point guard in the league!!!)

In #6 I'd put John Wall! Thup
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No love for Tony Parker?
Respect and thanks for everything:

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Easily the best position right now. In fact, I can't recall a time when there was so much talent in one position.

Raze has a list of the PGs eligible for Team USA in another thread and that's just the Americans!
What's up everybody? Has there been a better era for point guard play? It's ridiculous how much talent we have at the 1 right now and we haven't even seen what John Wall, Brandon Jennings, Russel Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Steph Curry, and Kyrie Irving are capable of yet.

The weird thing is the first episode of the ShowtimeNBAPodcast (That's us on iTunes. Come subscribe!) covers this very topic. The show is uploaded weekly and runs about an hour to an hour and a half long. You guys should come check us out! The above link is for iTunes and this link:

My list is:

5. Deron Williams -

Deron Williams might be the most offensivley versatile point guard in the world. He's huge, he's quick, he has the ball on a string, and is one of the best shooters off the bounce when he's healthy. This was the toughest call for me because I've seen Deron take over big games and I've seen him really struggle in big games. If he comes back healthy in 2018 or whenever the league starts back up, he could be the best point guard in the league. I just worry that he could end up being a less explosive, more cerebral Baron Davis.

4. Russel Westbrook -

Forget his fourth quarter shortcomings. Forget the bad decisions and the errant passes. Russel Westbrook can play. He's Derrick Rose with a chip on his shoulder, but without a jumpshot. I've never seen a guard mix it up on every play like this guy. He brings energy to the court like a back up power forward, but in the most explosive package in the league. Once he develops an in between game, he'll be unstoppable.

3. Derrick Rose -

This was also a tough call. I almost flipped Westbrook, but I feel Rose shoots better from the weird middle spots on the court. He is a dynamic scorer and a fantastic finisher, but he doesn't make his teammates better nor does he play defense like Westbrook.

2. Steve Nash -

No player in the league, with the exception of Chris Paul, can consistently reshape NBA careers like Steve Nash. Every player he plays with has a career year and Nash never seems to age. He's lost a step, but that doesn't stop him from holding the titles "best shooter," "best passer," and "most efficient scorer" in the world. God I miss the contender Suns of yesteryear. If you want to read more about the Suns and Nash check out Bad Bounces: The Hip Checkand Bad Bounces: Robert Sarver

1. Chris Paul -

How can he not be the best point guard in the league? He almost single handedly defeated the defending champs on bum wheels and with a severely broken team. Remember everything I said about Nash? Move that down .0000001% of a step and then package that in a stronger, more explosive body. He can score whenever he wants. He plays defense. He never seems to miss. He might be the second best passer in the game. And did I mention his 2011 Playoff performance?

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