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A few features...
I am considering adding a few new features and want to hear your opinion about that. As you may see country flags are gone now because there were problems after the forum was upgraded. When I get them working properly we will have them back.

Quick reply is not a default feature on the forum. I think it would be a good adition as it would save loading time especially when you want to make a quick post. There is another mod related to posting - rich text editor which would show text changes live when making them just like in MS Word for example. It appears that these two mods are not working well together so I have to choose one or I have to wait till there is a fix released.

One more mod which could be a nice addition is custom title mod which would enable members to put custom title below their avatar instead of the default one.

Another possible addition is members today mod which displays visitors of last 24 hours.

I'd like to hear your opinions.

EDIT - country flags are back. If you find any bugs please inform me about them
I think all ideas are good and would be beneficial to the site, , I always use quick reply on IPB board unless quoting a previous post, and on here it would be much helpful.

Keep up the good work.

Thup Thup Thup
Quick reply will be good. It will save time when loading reply page.

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