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The Medals
Surprisingly, Lithuania will meet Greece in the bronze medal game. I am surprised Russia won, but that's sport. I am going for Lithuania to win this

Later on, the final. Spain v Russia for the gold. We have just beaten Russia in the final of the European Volleyball championships... in Moscow Cool Now for the double Thup

Germany have finished 5th, beating Cratia. Slovenia, 7th, leave France out of the preolympic tournamnets and so they won't be around in China in the summer. Will we see Parker playing for FRance again? Doubtful
So, in the end, an opportunity for the Lithuanians to feel happy

Greece 69:78 Lithuania

Well, congratulations. A bronze is a bronze and is back to the podium for you Thup

I would have liked to play Lithuania during the tournament to measure ourselves against the green team... but we will satisfied with the 2 comprehensive wins in the warm up games.

It is also great news that teams that have gone for good, attractive basketball have taken the 3 medals. If Slovenia had not lost the game with Greece, then the top 4 would have been attractive teams. A lesson for Greece, Italy, France, Israel...
Lithuania have 3rd and a ticket to the Olympics. A great result, really. Of course, being in the final would've been much better.

And Spain have lost. Shock horror. Seriously. I am in disbelief.

I have nothing much to say as of this moment. I guess losing to the eventual champions isn't so bad.
Fair play to Russia, they were very good... Oh well, you can't always win. Silver is good, not what we wanted or what we expected to be honest.

Spain 59:60 Russia


We are not going to turn our backs to them now, obviously. It is our dream team. We had mistakes and all that, time to learn for the Olympics. But it is what it is, it's sport and not mathematics. It's sad for us, it's wonderful for Russia

Congratulations for them (and we are still world champions!)

1. Russia

2. Spain

3. Lithuania

4. Greece

5. Germany

6. Croatia

7. Slovenia

8. France

As a Spaniard, I know in 2, 4, 5 or 10 years we will miss these guys. I am proud, yes a bit cold with the silver instead of gold right now, but it will be another time. Russia are worthy champions, and we would have been too.

Come on, silver is silver... The players are crying as I write, and they shouldn't. The fans are proud of them
WOW that was my reaction to the result of the final. I guess pressure killed Spain. I am not underestimating Russia but I think a few would argue who has a better team. David Blatt can now be considered as one of the best if not the best coach in Europe. He did wonders with this Russia team. I am speechless.

It's better to finish the competition as a winner rather than a loser so from this point of view I am happy with the bronze. We made to the 5th straight Olympics which shows that we are constantly among worlds elite. I can't think of another European team that participated in all these Olympics since 1992 Barcelona since Serbia will miss Beijing. I am not sure about Spain though, did they miss any of Olympics.

Also the welcoming ceremony of Lithuania NT was great. It was as if we won gold. thousands of people gathered to welcome bronze medalists in midnight. Scroll down and watch a video below [url="http://http"]this article[/url]. Especially if you want to hear Šaras singing Biggrin

Šarūnas Jaiskevičius Wrote:I think the system is horrible, a disgrace. It's the reason why we are not in the final. With all due respect to Russia this is why we lost to them," Jasikevicius said.

"We won all our games in the group stage and our reward was to play a team who finished fourth, Croatia, who had a day more rest. The same when we played Russia in the semis, we had 20 hours they had two days.

"We had a better chance of beating them with more preparation. We earned it."
Well done on finishing third, the reception the players got back home is one of champions!

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