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I'm Back, Ali.
Hey, guys especially Vilius. Cool

Thought I'd come back and see the place, see you've moved to phpbb. Bag

I've got a spare vBulletin license (FULLY VALID) if you wanted to use it, I would fully let you and I'd be active as hell Tongue ,plus it attracts more people and more features. Wink as I'd like to start getting back into basketball more seriously. Smile
Welcome Back Mate

Stick Around Thup
Welcome back Ali. You could have used your old account, just use forgot password option if you forgot your password Wink We moved to phpbb last summer. Thanks for your offer to use your forum but we are sticking with this one at least now during my exams. Plus there was too much effort put in this forum. And in the end content is what attracts people to join. There many worse looking yet very active forums. Hopefully you would still be "active as hell" Thup as you are here because of basketball right? Rolleyes

If you are interested in helping TalkBasket to progress by taking some staff role here, please let me know.
Hello Ali, I am new here but I checked your posts (on the old account) and I saw you make signatures. Is there a chance that you could make a sig for me? I made a request in the graphics forum.

So far returned members are not posting too much but things are improving.

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