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Yao out for the season
Yao is out for the rest of the season!!!! surely now the rockets have no depth at centre and will find it very hard to make the playoffs without Yao. If they do scrape the playoffs surely they cant get past the first round? discuss
That's a big loss. He will also miss Olympics, won't he. What do Rockets have on on the bench?
Nothing really, they got Mutumbo but he is like 43 now so he wont be able to give them many minuets. 10-15 mins per game is all he can do. They have a rookie called Scola but I cant see him stepping up in yao's absence. I think they will have to move some guys from forward to center
The rockets seem to be coping very well without yao. But for how much longer? if they get to the playoffs they will need his dominent presence inside

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