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TalkBasket Dictionary
Since we have members from many different countries I decided to start a topic where we can learn some words or phrases from other languages. You can post here a word or phrase and say what language you want it to be translated to. Then someone who knows he language will post a translation. You can also talk about spelling and pronunciation here.

I'll update the first post with all the translations that will be posted.
If you guys need any midwestern-American slang I got ya over hre.
Always curious in Indonesian, how to say Good game.
[Image: aug282007_kobe.jpg]
Thought I would bump this thread with a question to the Greek members. After reading articles in Greek translated via Google Translator and hearing some Greek commentators and players talk I wanted to ask if there are such sounds in Greek language as "sh" (like "shoe" etc.) and "ch" (like "cheese" etc.). Translator always gives "ts" instead of "ch" and "s" instead of "sh". Also when I hear spoken language they sounds more like "ts" and "s".
there are no such sounds in the greek language. "sh" is pronounced "s" and "ch"= "ts". jasikevitsius. Many people can pronounce them correctly, but few do and they cannot be put down on paper with the greek alphabet.
Schwach wie flasche leer

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