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Euroleague format in 2009-10
On last sunday ULEB assembly has discussed about possible changes in Euroleague format ([url=""][/url]). I read somewhere that there will be 4 groups instead of 3 also. Does anyone knows more about these changes and posible expansion of competition?
We discussed it [url="http://http"]here[/url]. What we know for sure is that Euroleague is not going to expand next season. So 2009-2010 is th closest season when expansion is possible. There are several clubs that are pushing ULEB to expan the EL but Bertomeu is talking about it carefully.
Which teams will be expelled from the EL next season?
The new format with A, B and C licenses might not come true.

ULEB General Assembly are considering a possibility to change Euroleague format in 2009-2010 to a similar one with the Champions League.

The new competition system would include teams from 25 countries (instead of 13 that we have now). No team would have a guaranteed spot in Euroleague and teams would qualify according to their results in domestic league.

There should be two qualifying rounds with 16 teams playing in the first one and then the winners will face another 8 in the second round. The winners (8 teams) will join 22 domestic league champions that will qualify directly to the group stage. That means there will be 30 teams divided into 5 groups in the final stage. Teams from weaker leagues should play in qualifying roudns in my opinion. Otherwise top teams would be left out.

The losers of the qualifying round would go to Eurocup.

This systeam means that Lithuania will get 2 places. Champions will go directly to the group stage while runners-up will start playing in the second qualifying round.

Final decision will be made on October 21.

The idea is good in general but they should put teams from weaker leagues in the qualifying rounds instead of the group stage. Who would be interested watching games against weak teams in Euroleague which is supposed to be top level competition? If they want to promote basketball in other countries, let them play in qualifying rounds where they can face big clubs and generate more popularity for basketball.

I am wondering what would the other 12 countries be? Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic?
unfotunly money is slowly destroying euro basketball like we know, just like it did in NBA.

if you ask me I would prefer more 8 club in 4 groups (32 overall). other 8 places would be given to rytas, some rusian, ex yu and other clubs from tradionaly basketball places. and uleb should defintly stop with stupid contracts with some clubs. best in national championship should play euro league

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