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I'd like to try
I'd like to try getting an NBA live LEAGUE going. For example, I'd organize the schedules, then two members have about a week two play their game and stuff. Then we'd just play a normal season.

We would have each member pick their team, in a random order. Then I'd start up either a manual league on here, or you can have xbox live organize it for you.

I'd be willing to be commisioner.

PS: NBA LIVE 08 here.

Or at least something that the American members would have some fun participating in as well.
It's worth a try. I there will be not only Americans participating in it. But the main challenge for you would be to get all the players. If you can do that then it could be a successful idea.
Yeah it's not only Americans. You can play.

I'll try to get some people for the league.
Good luck with it.

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