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Euroleague competition system to be changed
Euroleague will study changes to the current competition system (regular season and playoffs) to be applied already next season. Jordi Bertomeu revealed the regular season could get shorter, consisting of 4 groups with 6 teams each, the "Top 16" would remain the same and the number of games in the quarter-finals would be of 5 instead of the current 3. The "Final Four" would remain the same.

On a side note Bertomeu also expressed concerns about the leak of European talents to the NBA and hinted the possibility of a clause in contracts to compensate such departure.
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I don't understand why the El keep playing the final 4 sytem insted of 5 games playoffs from the top 8. Just thinking on a quality playoffs of the big clubs in europe with the great arenas makes me smile.
I like the idea of having 4 groups instead of 3. Each game will be more important now. Plus we won't see two teams from the same country in one group. Seing VidiVici playing against Montepaschi is not so interesting.

The other ideas are good. Although extended quarter-finals would give better chances for the stronger teams because they have more chances in a long series.

[quote name='"GuyOFK":1g6antep']I don't understand why the El keep playing the final 4 sytem insted of 5 games playoffs from the top 8. Just thinking on a quality playoffs of the big clubs in europe with the great arenas makes me smile.[/quote]

Personally I prefer Final Four. It is a huge event and one game decides the winner. And it is easier to get everyone's attention to one event rather than series.
well lets face it the EL final 4 is only for european basketball fans. no one ellse is watching this event. so there won't be a risk to "lose" audience" by making playoffs.
Final Four is watched by many fans from all over the Europe. I disagree that no one is watchign it outside Europe. Of course number of viewers is much lower in other parts of the world but that's because Euroleague has only recently started marketing itself outside Europe. If it is 5-game series it could lose viewers from other countries.

For me Final Four is good. Although there could be just the final instead of final four. Teams will play semi-finals home and away just like in Champions League.
Quote:ESP - ULEB approves the competition model for the qualification of the national leagues

BARCELONA (ULECool - ULEB General Assembly held in Barcelona has decided to trust in a competition’s model based essentially on the sport principle for the qualification of the national leagues. The new project guarantees the participation of 30 teams from 25 countries in the Euroleague taking as reference the Champions League.

Today 21st October ULEB has held a General Assembly with one only issue in the agenda: analysis, assessment, and where appropriate, approval of the competition model for Euroleague and Eurocup, submitted in the last General Assembly held in Paris on 23rd September.

ULEB has explained the main advantages of the project and the differences between that model and the one put forward by Euroleague in Berlin, that was not approved definitively, to the 16 attendance leagues – 15 leagues members of ULEB and the Russian Superleague, invited by ULEB. Russian Superleague is going to be accepted as a full member of ULEB once they have submitted the By-Laws of the league for its inscription.

After a depth analysis of the competition, ULEB General Assembly has decided to trust in the development of a system essentially based on three main principles:

1. Qualification based on annual sport results in national or zonal competitions previously recognized by ULEB.

2. Fulfillment of the minimum requirements of entry and participation established by Euroleague (capacity of the arenas, budget, and so on).

3. To set a dynamic ranking of participation that will determine the number of clubs and leagues, according to the sport relevance.

The General Assembly has agreed that this sporting project, that has as a reference the Champions League, gives the maximum relevance to the qualification in national competitions in both European competitions, Euroleague and Eurocup, and it will allow the global growing of the clubs in national leagues and also in Europe.

Attendance to the ULEB General Assembly

The representatives that have attended the ULEB General Assembly, chaired by Mr. Eduardo Portela, the President of ULEB, are the following:

ABA Adriatic: Roman Lisac (General Manager)

ACB Spain: Josep Senespleda (General Manager)

ALK Czech: Jiri Zidek (Executive)

BBL Germany: Jan Pommer (General Manager)

BBL England: Mike Davies (Commercial Director)

BLB Belgium: Guy Vervaeke (President)

BSL Israel: Avner Koper (President)

FEB Holland: Henk Reekers (President)

HEBA Greece: Vassilis Ekonomidis (President)

LEGA Italy: Mauricio Bezzecchi (Communication Director)

LKL Lithuania: Sarunas Kliokys (President)

LNB France: René Le Goff (President)

LNBA Switzerland: Francois Barras (President)

OBL Austria: Andreas Szmolin (General Manager)

PLK Poland: Janusz Wierzbowski (President)

SL Russia (invited): Sergey Chernov

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It was about time they changed it. Less meaningless games in the 1st Group Stage and more in the play-offs.

A for the Final Four, I'm in the middle, I would like to see best out of five semi finals but a final with best of five series is too dangerous for Europe. European crowd is just too wild for such events, can you imagine packed arenas in Eastern Europe in the fifth and final game? What are the chances of the away team winning? Not much...
Respect and thanks for everything:

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