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Euroleague Basketball Manager released
Quote:[Image: DD-EBM.jpg]

Euroleague Basketball is proud to announce the launch of its new official videogame, Euroleague Basketball Manager, which has been developed together with U-Play Studios. Players of Euroleague Basketball Manager will be able to participate in more than 25 authentic competitions that exist in Europe, including national leagues and, of course, Euroleague Basketball. The game allows fans to control more than 3,500 real players and make all decisions, whether in the role of player, coach, general manager or even scout.

It is possible to download Euroleague Basketball Manager from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;">[url=""][/url]</a><!-- w -->, a leading digital distribution platform, providing ready gaming experiences for gamers. Customers will find the game ready to be downloaded from the following link: [url="http://http"]Euroleague Basketball Manager[/url]. Downloads are blocked in Spain, Italy and France due to license limitations. In a few weeks Euroleague Basketball Manager will be available in stores throughout Russia, Belarus, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In Spain, it is already in the stores under the name Pro Basket Manager.

The link to buy the game [url="http://http"]here[/url]. Price €29.95.

That's good news. It will be very interesting to try this game.
Me too. From the screenshots I've seen, the game looks really good. <!-- sBlink -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/blink.gif[/img]<!-- sBlink -->
If it is at least a bit like Football Manager then it should be great. Let's hope it will be successful and next year we will see another improved version.
Whoever finds the link for the game please post it here <!-- s:cool: -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/coolio.gif[/img]<!-- s:cool: -->
Lietuvos Rytas manager
Hopefully it is like FM, then it will be AMAZING. I'll probably end up getting it sooner or later.
Anyone found a UK vender?

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