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Bronze medal game
Lithuania 75:87 Argentina ( 21:24, 13:22, 15:22, 26:19)

No more bronze for us. OK here's what I think about the game. We didn't defend and that was they key for our loss. Scola did what he wanted to do in the 1st quarter. Where were our big men then? It was very close until the middle of the 2nd quarter. Our player missed their shots while Argentina had responded with points in our basket. 3rd quarter was even more disastrous. Turnover after turnover and easy points for Olympic champions. They didn't have Ginobili but that wasn't the problem. Quinteros stepped up with three 3-pointers. When the gap reached 24 points it was all over even though we tried to catch them in the 4th. But it is impossible to win the final quarter by 24 points especially when you play like that.

None of our players had a good game. Wether they were tired after semi-final against Spain or was it their psychology? There was very little of a team play.

Siskauskas had 15 points but he looked very bad on the court. Again, again and again he wa too slow. Silly turnovers and bad decision through all the game. He usually has more points when the game is hopeless.

Our centers didn't have their game either. Javtokas and Petravicius can't create shots for themselves which is a big minus and makes them less dangerous in offense. They did a decent job in defence in previous game but not this time.

It's really disappointing to lose this game in such way. If it was similar to the match versus Spain then it wouldn't be so bad.

On the other hand, to be among top 4 teams in the world is a good achievement.
Damn. What's wrong with Lithuana? they have very good team but they lost from spain, now from Argentina, I don't get it :x
Well, I posted my thoughts about the game vs. Spain. Another important thing was that Spanish players looked fresher than us in the final quarter which was crucial. Our leaders underperformed. Saras was good vs. Spain but was far from his usual game today. It just wasn't meant to be...
I was very surprised to know Argentina had grabbed the bronze medal, especially because they played without Ginóbili. I really have to watch this game...
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