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War's Influence on Basketball
Bnei Hasharon were scheduled to play in Turkey yesterday but ran off the court after a crazed group of pro-Palestinian fans threatened them. The Israelis refused to return and are reportedly going to be punished with a loss.

Meanwhile, Larissa of Greece are scheduled to play in Jerusalem on Wednesday and have been told by FIBA to arrive. However, the way things look right now they won't.

Should Larissa be punished with a loss after refusing to come play vs Hapoel despite the complete lack of danger in Jerusalem?

Should Bnei Hasharon be punished with a loss after refusing to play in front of a crowd that threatened to kill them?
I also heard that Olympiacos don't want to travel to Tel-Aviv to face Maccabi. But I guess that was sorted.

Sports and politics should be separated. That's the main principle that should be followed. Personally I think that teams should be punished for not going to play in a safe place. That's what happened in Euroleague a few years ago. I think it was in 2004 when Tel-Aviv hosted the Final Four. Pamesa refused to travel to Israel to face Maccabi in Top 16 and were given a technical loss. That opened the chances for Zalgiris but they lost in a magical ending.
Olympiacos were pretty much set to arrive from the start. Having Halperin and Vujcic there to calm them down probably helped.

I agree that sports and politics should be separated, but in the case of Bnei Hasharon, do they really deserve a technical loss for refusing to play in front of a hostile crowd?

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