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Bauermann voices for league limit on foreigners
Quote:Bauermann Calls For Change In German BBL

Russian basketball has a rule that forces teams to have a Russian on the court at all times in its Superleague and now Germany coach Dirk Bauermann is hoping his country will do more for its players in its Bundesliga competition.

The German BBL is planning to reduce the number of foreigners that are allowed to play from nine to eight next season, but former Bamberg boss Bauermann insists the change needs to be more drastic to have an impact.

"I stress it again: the 8+4 quota system coming next season (9+3 right now) will not change the situation in the BBL essentially," he said in a German Basketball Federation news release.

"It´s completely inadequate.

"The consequence will be that eight foreigners will play and four Germans will be watching. In basketball, it is a fact that coaches predominantly play with eight players. So the 6+6 quota system which I´m pleading for will mean 6+2. You have to know this to understand my comments."

Bauermann added that he believes there should be a rule which states every team should have at least one German player on the court at all times.

"It´s my duty as the head coach to call a spade a spade," Bauermann said.

"Only in that way, I hope, will the situation will change. We have collected and analyzed a lot of statistics in recent days and found out that there is a need for action.

"For the whole of basketball in Germany, the quality of our national team has enormous importance. This should be also of big interest to the BBL. So we should pull in the same direction."

Bauermann is not alone.

Italy's Basketball Federation has also been in negotiations with the Lega A clubs to obtain more playing time for Italians.

Bauermann's Germany will play at EuroBasket 2009 this summer in Poland in Group B with Russia, Latvia and the side that wins the Additional Qualifying Round.
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