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Bauermann voices for league limit on foreigners
Oh, I actually ever thought that you have to have 3 german players to play in the german league. I still think its like that, but I don't know exactly. My opinion is that it is definitley a good idea to have more german players in a team, but still: As for now coaches and managers just see the success of the team, which comes faster with non-germans in their opinion.

I can compare it to the situation in Oldenburg: Well, out of 11 players, we have got 3 german players, who rarely play. It is like two of them are pretty young (Daniel Hain and Marko Buljevic) and one of them is a bit older (Daniel Strauch). The rest of the teams member are: 3 americans and then guys from Serbia. And yeah, when they got a few minutes of playing time this season, they actually played well, strong defense and stuff. But the problem is the playing time, they cannpt develop that well as if they would play like 10 or 15 minutes.

And in most cases on german teams in the BBL the teams just got 3 germans and then don't let them play that much, even though it got better in the past, because some teams decided to let young germans play.

So, the idea of mputting more germans in might be good, but it can also be sad after that for the fans who doesnt see the success they saw before then.

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