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Bauermann voices for league limit on foreigners
Quote:GER - Coach Bauermann wants quota for foreigners in German League

BERLIN (BBL) - The coach of the German national team, Dirk Bauermann, is in favour of a bigger quota for German players in the German League (BBL).

Bauermann, who was coaching for many years in the German league, wants a minimum of 50% of the players of each club to be German nationals: "In my opinion it would be ideal if out of the 12 players on the score sheet, six would be Germans", he said in an interview with the German newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost".

Currently, the rule of the BBL only requires only 1 player on the score sheet to be a German citizen.

Bauermann is also in favour of a limitation of foreign players per club. "A maximum of six foreigners in the BBL", he said and added: "We have to get away from the thinking that everybody can play better basketball than us Germans. That is not correct. Let the youngsters play and they will prove it on the court."

He also sees a deficit in promoting more German top coaches. "The BBL is the only top league in Europe where only very few local coaches are active. Why? There are enough high quality German coaches available in our country."

Bauermann is still hopeful that he can count on his superstar Dirk Nowitzki during the upcoming EuroBasket in Poland: "Nothing is decided yet, the EuroBasket is quite late and the season in the US is over since a long time. For the development of the younger players it would be tremendously important if he could play with them. I am optimistic that we get this done."

This coming from Bauermann is a bit surprising Rolleyes

Seriously, I didn't know only 1 German was required for any team, is there any similar situation in Europe? I'm very surprised by this.
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Having no or little limitation for foreigners always has a negative effect on local players' development. Because local players that could play at the same level are replaced with foreigners that are often cheaper to sign. And now when I think what was the last young talented German player playing at a high level?

I think similar situation is in Belgium. Maybe Pieter (chad) could give us more info.
in Belgium it is a simular situation as in Germany. that's true.

Belgium teams have to put 4 Belgium players on their roster. This results in that every team on avarage gives 34minutes to Belgium players.

However, you can solve this problem without using real Belgium players: Mons Americans with a belgium pass.

I think this is hard to understand for people who don't live here but the mentality is very different in Belgium, Germany and Holland. Fans want to see teams winning instead of local players. And right now, you can't argue with result: Charleroi, Mons and Liège are doing very well in Europe.

Problem right now is, Belgium is all out of talents: I don't see any Sam van Rossoms or Tomas Vander Spiegels anymore in Belgium. .
Oh, I actually ever thought that you have to have 3 german players to play in the german league. I still think its like that, but I don't know exactly. My opinion is that it is definitley a good idea to have more german players in a team, but still: As for now coaches and managers just see the success of the team, which comes faster with non-germans in their opinion.

I can compare it to the situation in Oldenburg: Well, out of 11 players, we have got 3 german players, who rarely play. It is like two of them are pretty young (Daniel Hain and Marko Buljevic) and one of them is a bit older (Daniel Strauch). The rest of the teams member are: 3 americans and then guys from Serbia. And yeah, when they got a few minutes of playing time this season, they actually played well, strong defense and stuff. But the problem is the playing time, they cannpt develop that well as if they would play like 10 or 15 minutes.

And in most cases on german teams in the BBL the teams just got 3 germans and then don't let them play that much, even though it got better in the past, because some teams decided to let young germans play.

So, the idea of mputting more germans in might be good, but it can also be sad after that for the fans who doesnt see the success they saw before then.
If the current situation doesn't change it will hurt the national team badly. Once Nowitzki retires there won't be any top level players available to lead the team. And what's worse is that this could continue for several years. Because even if theu change the rules it will take a few years for the new generation to grow.
You're definitley right Vilius. Well, there is Tim Ohlbrecht who people say is the Next Dirk Nowitzki, but he isn't as good as Dirk by far.
Bauermann strikes again:

Quote:German NT coach compares US players to supermarket employees

The discussions about the number of US players in the German Bundesliga continue and the current National Team coach Dirk Bauermann used a podium discussion to add even more oil in the fire. Bauermann is known for claiming at every occasion to increase the number of German players in the Bundesliga by setting up a minimum quota of 6 domestic players instead of the current 3. This discussion has been taken over by Financial Times Germany this weekend for an article where the former Bamberg and Leverkusen coach attacks the Bundesliga.

"The Bundesliga is an alienated product that does not help anybody: not the fans, not the sponsors and the National team even less. Our sport has a profile that is not German enough. What does it helps me as NT coach to watch a game like last weekend's Ludwigsburg against Oldenburg where the playing time of all the German players in both teams was zero and where both teams have no German coach."

The problem is that the Bundesliga is pretty independent from the German federation and both have different goals. While Bauermann as National Team coach and German federation employee wants the Bundesliga to use German players, the Bundesliga wants to improve its playing level and professionalism by opening the doors to any kind of players. Both points are understandable but Bauermann puts himself into a very strange situation as he is asking for more Germans on the court while during the same he is trying to get German citizenships for US players (Kaman, Przybilla, …). The league though needs to think about its current situation where minor US players are getting minutes and German talents prefer to move to the NCAA or are benched behind the 9th US player of the team. And here Bauermann goes for some very hard words against the club officials and says

"We are signing US players that would tow cases in a supermarket in the United States if they would not play in Germany"

On the one hand, this sounds pretty hard and Bauermann may not give the necessary respect but knowing that the league has no minimal salary and some players earn less than 1500USD per month, he may be right. Still, this does not change anything on the situation for a league that is still missing its identity but is however a popular success with increasing attendance numbers and growing sportive success of the top teams.

But yeah, he contradicts himself while trying to naturalise an NBA player for the NT almost every summer Rolleyes
Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht.
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Quote:Bauermann Calls For Change In German BBL

Russian basketball has a rule that forces teams to have a Russian on the court at all times in its Superleague and now Germany coach Dirk Bauermann is hoping his country will do more for its players in its Bundesliga competition.

The German BBL is planning to reduce the number of foreigners that are allowed to play from nine to eight next season, but former Bamberg boss Bauermann insists the change needs to be more drastic to have an impact.

"I stress it again: the 8+4 quota system coming next season (9+3 right now) will not change the situation in the BBL essentially," he said in a German Basketball Federation news release.

"It´s completely inadequate.

"The consequence will be that eight foreigners will play and four Germans will be watching. In basketball, it is a fact that coaches predominantly play with eight players. So the 6+6 quota system which I´m pleading for will mean 6+2. You have to know this to understand my comments."

Bauermann added that he believes there should be a rule which states every team should have at least one German player on the court at all times.

"It´s my duty as the head coach to call a spade a spade," Bauermann said.

"Only in that way, I hope, will the situation will change. We have collected and analyzed a lot of statistics in recent days and found out that there is a need for action.

"For the whole of basketball in Germany, the quality of our national team has enormous importance. This should be also of big interest to the BBL. So we should pull in the same direction."

Bauermann is not alone.

Italy's Basketball Federation has also been in negotiations with the Lega A clubs to obtain more playing time for Italians.

Bauermann's Germany will play at EuroBasket 2009 this summer in Poland in Group B with Russia, Latvia and the side that wins the Additional Qualifying Round.
Die Liebe wird eine Krankheit, wenn man sie als eine Heilung sieht.
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