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Countries you've been to?
What countries you've been to so far? What was your favourite trip? Any recommendations to other members?
Spain (Lloret de Mar and Barcelona) and Germany (Berlin).
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I've been to a lot of places: Bahamas (twice), USA (lived in NJ, now I live in CA, and I was also in Washington DC, Florida, Las Vegas, New York, Hawaii and Pennsylvania), Colombia (lived in Bogota) Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Aruba, Panama, Belgium, Thailand, Italy, France and of course Israel.

I had a lot of fun in all of those places, but I remember Belgium and Thailand the most. Those were both great places.

I still want to visit Africa and Australia, though. England, Spain, Costa Rica, Kenya and Australia seem like places I will probably visit one day.
Honestly, I've only been to the USA and Canada... and I only live a few hours from Canada...
I've only been to USA, and Mexico.
I've visited all over the UK, US, a bit of Canada and I was very close to going to Mexico...
I've been to a bunch of countries in the Caribbean like Martinique and the United States Virgin Islands. I've been to Europe, mostly staying in France. I lived there at one point and actually married someone from the southwest near the Pyrénées. I have plenty of photos if anyone would like me to share them and give details of where to go. Until then, you can check out this video with photos I took from le château de Beaucens (Donjon des Aigles) near Lourdes.

Shamefully I've never been to Germany yet, despite the fact that I was the first born in the United States in my family who are all originally from Karlsruhe.

I also have a video of my home city Chicago, which I'm sure some people will find interesting.

Nice travelling experiences there! Especially Kobi's with so many different countries. It would be nice to see some photos or videos from those places.

@ Chris: the first video wouldn't load for me as it says "This viceo is not avilable in your country or domain." The second loaded and it was well done. Feel free to post more photos or videos Thup
Except to Greece I've been in England and in Wales! Cool
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Israel and Turkey.. didn't really get to travel a lot :/
I have lived in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Scotland and England and have traveled to Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Belarus, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Northen Ireland, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, the Bahamas, Jordan, Egypt and Nicaragua
I have been to Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Liechtenstein. And of course, most of the time I'm in Slovenia. Biggrin
Are you f***ing kidding guys...?!! Rofl3
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Czech Republic, Slovakia, a little bit of Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Hungary. Dreaming of Spain Biggrin
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