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Jeremy Lin
Here's a funny article from The Onion

[Image: SSWS_lin-web_jpg_630x1200_upscale_q85.jpg]

Respect and thanks for everything:

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[Image: vspa.jpg]

I'm tired of this Lin-mania. Thudown

Who cares...
[Image: panathinaikos-basket-opadoi.jpg]
Well. they had to save the season somehow...

"Remember the 2011/2012 season was so short, and the lock-out and bla bla..."


"Remember the 2011/2012 season with that Lin guy!"
(03-04-2012, 07:59 PM)KAPALI Wrote: "...I can show U what I am everytime everywhere your web artist..."
Quote:I'm tired of this Lin-mania. Thudown

Who cares...

I'm also kinda sick of the 'linsanity' but this article is hilarious Biggrin
Great article, Jeremy Lin is the greatest thing to happen to sports in recent memory. With that said, I'm not at all sold on him. Don't get me wrong he's proven that he belongs in the NBA and will certainly warrant quality minutes going forward but I think this is as close to a superstar as he ever becomes. Once opposing teams start to scout him and figure him out, he'll come back to Earth, hit the rookie wall and become Lin-consistent.
I agree that Jeremy Lin have an all-round skills, speed and a wide range of vision as a basketball player, I think his influence goes beyond the game of basketball and has drawn many fans all over the world who wouldn't watch basketball before.
Very overrated.
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