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Top 16 Draw 2008-2009
Group E

TAU Ceramica


Armani Jeans

Asseco Prokom

Group F


Real Madrid


Alba Berlin

Group G





Group H

CSKA Moscow



Wow! Awesome groups! Groups F and G are wide open, Cibona and Fenerbahce could surprise in H. E is way too easy for Tau and Olympiacos. They got lucky.
Very balanced groups, the traditional "group of death" does not exist this time, perhaps because there has been a tremendous balance between the teams in the regular season. The "sharks" all lost (also at home) and unexpectadly. It'll be entertaining.

Group E - TAU and Olympiacos are clear favourites, although Milano can provide an occasional surprise. If one of the favourites gets behind it'll be Olympiacos, not TAU. Prokom Sopot might win at home against Milano, other than that it'll be very though for them; all in all it was already an achievement for them to get here.

Group F - Barcelona will advance for sure, maybe with Maccabi Tel Aviv. The team has been improving a lot, at home they are unbeatable for all teams except maybe Barcelona. It's highly improbable for Real Madrid to grab a win there, they might as well lose at home to Barcelona and if things get again out of hand as they have already, also to Maccabi. Alba Berlin will be lucky to win a game.

Group G - The most interesting group of them all, especially because of Partizan. The win against CSKA away gave a whole new credibility to the team. Taking for granted that in Pionir no-one will win and that they can pull an upset away to Unicaja or Panathinaikos, they might go through to the next stage, it's not that improbable at all. Unicaja has been the discrete, "silent" team of the competition, doing their job in a steady, professional manner, losing just two games in the regular season. Unlike in previous years, they are a solid, consistent team and can win anywhere (including OAKA). Panathinaikos has been surprising everyone a bit in a negative manner, but Obradovi? is Obradovi? and the team will most likely get back on track, i.e., be the usual dominating PAO. That said, Unicaja, Partizan and PAO can pass and it's a heavy task to pick two. Roma, like Milano, might give the occasional upset.

Group H - CSKA and Siena are the more than clear favourites. Siena is as strong as last year, CSKA like Panathinaikos weakened here and there unexpectadly, but with Cibona and Fenerbahçe in the group things get easier. Cibona is the weakest team of them all, so they'll probably be last and Fenerbahçe third with CSKA and Siena on top.
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As said before very balanced draw, I can't predict a thing <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

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