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Big greeting to "talkbasket" and Vilius!
Quote:As I read in, the official site of the BSL (Basketball Israeli League), the "talkbasket" will anjoy a full collaboration with the BSL!

Great achievement to our site here and to dear Vilius!!

Agree Thup

I was wondering if any of our Israelis friend would notice it Smile

I strongly believe this move will benefit both sides. As you may know TB respects and supports Israeli basketball.

Quote:Thanks Roy! But this achievement goes to Black Urum 100%. He did a decent job. This is indeed great news.

And I may only repeat myself - this is just a beginning Wink

Edit - Topic moved to Feedback forum

Nop, it is not my 'achievement'. It is the fruits of a teamwork that we are putting for the past 2 years. And by that I mean everyone, to the last poster in our forum. Good job.

And yes, it is just the beginning.
Respect and thanks for everything:

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Big greeting to "talkbasket" and Vilius! - by Black Urum - 06-15-2009, 03:58 PM

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