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Ettore Messina: "you need bigger balls to stop, than to continue"

Quote:Ettore Messina officially announced that he is leaving Moscow for good and that he will be coaching Real Madrid next season while talking about life in general.

In an intensively emotional blog entry in his personal blog Ettore Messina wrote that he had come to terms with the fact that he would continue with CSKA Moscow for another year and that was shocked when informed that CSKA would continue with a Russian coach and a Russian-oriented squad.

"Honestly, I was a little bit shocked when I got the news that not only the budget was cut, but a good budget could only be allocated for a team with more Russian players and a Russian coach. Obviously, I respected this decision like I respect most of them. I had one year of contract that I agreed to let go. I felt it was fair not to ask for anything since at the beginning it was my decision not to use that year of contract.

Unfortunately, my family and myself, we had just grown accustomed to the idea of staying one more year in Moscow and we were excited by it. Again, I understand the position of the shareholders and the owners. Though I never differentiated between Russian players and other players. What it is important to me is whether they are good or bad players, whether we have the possibility to compete for the title or we don't." Messina wrote.

Messina then proceeded to his biggest memory from the CSKA years:

"I remember the night of Game 3 with Olympiacos last year. It was the last night my brother lived. During my night flight back home, in the early morning he passed away. I had a very clear memory of that game. The gym was sold out. The team came back to the court to thank the fans after the win. It was fantastic and terrible moment at the same time."

Regarding him coaching Real Madrid next season Messina revealed:

"As for my future, I had good conversations with the president of Real Madrid Mr. Florentino Perez. If everything goes well, it looks like we will find a way to work together. I really hope to be able to come to Moscow for a Euroleague game with my new team. It will be another great experience."

Finally Messina talked about the possibility of stop working for a year:

"I thought a lot about taking a year off, especially in the fall when we were struggling to find the chemistry and when we were all getting mad about the things not going our way. Sometimes I dream staying one year away from basketball. And then, like it often happens, when the opportunity presents itself, you don't have the balls.

I think you need bigger balls to stop, than to continue. I really believe so. If you continue, you know exactly what you're going through. If you don't, everything is new and needs to be discovered, and it might be a bad experience. Honestly, I didn't have the character. I felt that staying home and traveling and watching games might make me a worse father and a worse husband."
Respect and thanks for everything:

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Some how I don't see Mesina doing so well I Madrid from the simple reason: Barca is too strong, too deep and with great bunch of guys, it will be a much harder task for him to throw them out of their champions crown.

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