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In an Internet strategic game (free) the citizens of the reality divided the virtual world, these countries up into countries adequately the players may be. Apart from the world currently more than the side counts 200.000 registered players. The citizens may undertake a various task in the virtual society: a firm may be founded, they may join, or a political party, own newspaper may be founded they may set off, and they may wage war against the rest of the virtual countries even.

I would like to call your attention for this game in order for you to play with us! You have to enter the game once cca. every day for 5 minutes, you may do the daily tasks under this time, and you may be growing properly so. You may tie yourself down to longer time naturally, pl. you may browse articles written by other ones, you are then you may direct your firms.

Onto the game with this link you can register: PM me for the link.

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