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Your favorite vert. program?
I think that the ones that we see being promoted the most are not necessarily the best ones. For example I think that aware jump and vertical jump bible is really good.

The has some good reviews, air alert seems to make you feel knee pain, Luke's vertical jump project is too good to be true.

Any experience you guys have had with any particular one?

I will keep this post simple by listing the ones you should stay away from and the ones you should look into...
First, the two best complete vertical workout programs are...

1. Vert Shock, here is a review➡
2. Jump Manual, here is a review ➡

These two programs have multiple bonuses on top of the main workout program like coaching and a nutrition plan.

Now programs that you should stay away from are Airalert and BounceKit, these programs are really not that good and are incomplete.
Cick to get a free PDF on how to jump higher by 4"inches in under an hour!➡
Hard to say which one is my favorite, though it likely boils down to the Vert Shock program and The Jump Manual program, since they're both made in a way that far exceeds the competition in terms of effectiveness and results. Personally, I'm a big fan of doing plenty of research before making a purchase, and jump programs are no exception. I'm also big on looking at multiple sources to get different opinions, which is why I'll mention a few more reviews that anyone can check out if interested. To summarize each one:

Vert Shock is a plyometrics-oriented program that does not require weights and takes two months to complete. Just in that sentence, there's a lot to unpack there. Yes, no weight training means that you potentially save both money and time you would otherwise spend on a gym membership and equipment (not to mention commute). It's also technically safer since it only uses bodyweight. They also have a weight training module you can choose to complete after the main program to completely maximize your vertical. Here's a review of the Vert Shock Program.

The Jump Manual takes a different approach; it follows a cyclical two-week routine with the first week focusing on plyometrics and the second week focusing on weight training. Both weeks include core training, and there's even a routine implemented in place for rest days to maximize your recovery. Basically, it covers everything you need to go from a to z when it comes to training your vertical jump, and that's without mentioning that the program is knowledge heavy. They provide heaps of background information to read up on so that you gain a solid understanding of the process behind jump higher. Here's a review of The Jump Manual.

As mentioned above, you're also gonna want to watch out for poorly-made programs that simply don't offer the same benefits nor results you would otherwise get with the two I mentioned. Do your research, but just don't fall victim to wasting both your time and money due to a lack of knowledge on the subject.

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