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World Cup
So who will be posting during the World Cup? Count me in. Hopefully we can get some traffic on this forum throughout the tournament even if these real conversations only happen once a year.

I've been following the Lithuanian warmup matches and I have to say that Kazlauskas is going to have a hard time cutting that team down to 12. There are so many quality options. Kleiza is really the only missing piece but I am not even worried about his absence.

I think Greece will rebound quite well from last summer's Eurobasket debacle a la the Dutch in the FIFA World Cup after the last Euro. We can once again start our Greece vs Lithuania banter but this year I come in peace, I cannot wait to see Antetokounmpo in international competition Cheers
If you haven't seen the replay of Paul George breaking his leg and you have a weak stomach, don't watch it. It's gruesome Bad .
Hey Skang, good to see you hangin' around!

Yeah I am stoked for this year's WC. I have high hopes for Hellas as always Baby

Lietuva seems to have a pretty solid team this year. I really think you don't need Kleiza, he's yesterday's news. Valanciunas is the superstar of the team from now on! Cool

No absolute superstars on team USA, they had better be careful and not be arrogant, otherwise they may risk getting spanked!

I've been quite impressed by Australia's and New Zealand's performances as of late, they had some pretty good scrimmage results.

As far as Hellas is concerned, we are a bit of a fresh side too. No Spanoulis this year, and perhaps he won't play again either. Not to worry, we've got new guys to carry on. Adetokunbo is a new young star entering the team, but I think he is too raw for the NT to be relying on him much. Our real driving force this year is Bouroussis. Playing in the Spanish league, it's tightened his game no end with all that massive competition within the country and in Europe too!
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Zeus it looks like we're the last ones standing in yet another dead forum! If we cannot even get the forum going during the World Cup, I think all hope is lost. I'm surprised that Teo hasn't chimed in on the World Cup.

The scheduling of this World Cup has been horrible. Why the rush? 5 games in 6 days? What was FIBA thinking. The FIFA World Cup is a thrilling month long extravaganza. The FIBA World Cup is two weeks of chaos.

Given the hectic schedule I've only been able to watch the Lithuania and US games which is a shame as there have been some really good games in this tournament.
Much agreed on the time frame of things man. I don't understand why the games have to be played back to back instead of following a format like the WC of football Rolleyes There have been some great games, it's difficult to catch them all. The US as usual is bored playing with extremely weak opponents, things will only heat up for them around the semis most likely. Spain have of course been powerful at home, however their team flopping is absolutely pathetic. I can't find the video of their pathetic crybaby flopping in their match vs. Serbia, it is somewhere on youtube, but I can't find it. Here is one example of how referees still help them, by counting baskets that were never made!

Hellas has done well so far, but the real tournament is only beginning. We have really awesome team chemistry and are actually playing better without Spanoulis, LOL! How are your feelings on how Lietuva is doing?
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Sorry about today's game. Serbia finally showed up and was on fire. They can beat anybody if they shoot that well.

The Aussie vs Turkey game was crazy. What a finish and Australia had it coming after they laid the egg against Angola to finish third. I wanted Australia to win because I think they'd be an easier opponent for Lithuania which sounds weird since they beat Lithuania but I didn't think they could pull it off twice.

Turkey on the other hand is wildly unpredictable. They have loads of talent when they put it together but they tend to beat themselves at times.

I was really excited about this Lithuanian team before Kalnietis went down. His absence is clearly noticeable. Seibutis has done a decent job and Juskevicius has made a bunch of 3s but the team lacks a true floor general. It especially hurt given how late in preparation his injury happened.

If Lithuania gets past Turkey which is far from certain, I think they'll struggle with the US (assuming they beat Slovenia) without Kalnietis.
This has been a catastrophic world cup for Hellas. For absolutely unknown reasons our whole team had switched off and played like absolute crap, and the Serbians were shooting the lights out. Still, it's not so bad now that Serbia is a finalist of this WC, at least we were knocked out by an extremely strong team. I have to say I was overjoyed that the Spanish were out of the tournament Laugh
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I enjoyed this tournament even if the US ended up winning every game by 20+. Kenneth Faried was robbed of the Tournament MVP, he was a beast in every single game.
Congratulations to Serbia for pulling off a great tournament. They really came back with a bang. Their basketball school is never to be underestimated. As usual the US trounced all however.
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