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E.U. : pro or against political union?
The problem is that big countries will never accept such system where their vote is equal to any other country's vote. Demographically that wouldn't be fair as every vote would represent a population of a different size. Also it would put big countries in a situation where they would have a minority of votes. Because of these and other issues I can't see equal voting being put in place ever. There were already great battles regarding the votes counting when Poland joined EU. Several mathematical formulas were suggested by various countries to count the votes.

Another issue by voting for foreign politician is that normally such politician is only known in his own country or in small number of countries. And because of that people wouldn't really know who are they voting for, of course with the exception of the most famous politicians.

We can discuss this of course but each country wants what is best for it. Therefore any major changes are being made very slowly.

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