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What do comes to your mind when you hear name of a country?
wow.. that's one hell of a mission XD

Afghanistan:terror, Taliban, American invasion
Albania: cool flag Biggrin
Argentina: football, meat, Ginobili
Armenia: Yavruyan (some football player from Armenia that played in Israel for long time Biggrin )
Australia:Kangaroo,funny accent,Maric
Austria: Hitler, shnitzel
Azerbaijan: nothing
Belarus: nothing
Belgium: waffle
Bosnia Herzegovina: wth is Herzegovina? Tongue
Brazil: football, carnival
Bulgaria: nothing
Canada: south park
Chile: chili Laugh
China: great wall, tank man
Colombia: drugs
Croatia: Vujcic
Cuba: Fidel, Herold&Kumar escape from guantanamo bay
Cyprus: not too creative flag
Czech Republic: Nedved
Denmark: nothing
Egypt: Pyramids, Pharaoh
Estonia: nothing
Finland: finlandia
France: Napoleon, baguette
Georgia: confusion with the American state
Germany: world wars, Hitler, holocaust
Greece: Basketball, sofo, ancient greece
Iceland: volcano
India: 1 billion,Taj Mahal
Indonesia: nothing
Iran: ahmadinejad
Iraq: Saddam
Ireland: nothing
Israel: Home, MACCABI Biggrin
Italy: Pizza, Luigi Lamonica, Rome
Japan: nukes
Kazakhstan: Borat
Korea North: crazy dude with nukes
Korea South: sane side of Korea
Latvia: nothing
Lebanon: Hezbollah
Lithuania: basketball, Saras
Montenegro: nothing
Netherlands: Amsterdam, Ajax
Norway: nothing
Poland: nothing
Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo
Russian: vodka, Putin,cold as f*ck
Saudi Arabia: no women rights
Serbia: basketball
Singapore: nothing
Slovenia: nothing
South Africa: Mandela, apartheid, vuvuzela
Spain: Real Madrid, Raul
Switzerland: clocks, bank
Thailand: nothing
Turkey: good food
Ukraine: nothing
United Kingdom: never dying queen, football
United States: Bush, science
Uruguay: nothing
Vietnam: American invasion

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