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What do comes to your mind when you hear name of a country?
For most I agree.My changes.

Albania: Poverty,mafia
Argentina: football, Maradona, meat,tango
Austria: Mozart, croissants, Ottomans,skiing
Azerbaijan: oil,In cold war with Jermens
Bosnia Herzegovina: Muslims, mass-graves,multi-ethnic
Brazil: football, samba, Rio, favelas, Cristo Redentor,Beautiful Brazilian girls, coffee,beach
Canada: peaceful, bacon, roadkill, good health system,Close to North Pole
China: communism, massive population, great wall,Bad quality of goods with plastic "Made in China" Biggrin
Croatia: war, nazis, Adriatic,complexes of Serbs
Cuba: Fidel, communism, cigars, Guantanamo Bay,tourism
Cyprus: island, last European divided capital, halloumi, donkeys,Marcos Baghdatis
Czech Republic: beer consumption, deer meat,Prag beautiful city
Egypt: Pyramids, camels, bad traffic and drivers,sand
France: wine, baguette, shampagne, cheese,David Guetta
Georgia: mountains, spicy food, wine,Giorgi Shermadini
Germany: hard working people, Hitler, World wars, Berlin,persistence,Bayern Munchen,German technology
Greece: riots, lazy people, Parthenon, philosophy, basketball, olive oil,Beautiful coast,Greek Gods
Iceland: cold, progressive, small,country of volcanos
Iran: twitter, Persia,Nuclear cold "war"
Iraq: American invasion, Saddam,oil
Italy: pizza, Vatican, fashion, pasta,Vatican
Japan: weird people, work, suicide, technology,Hiroshima,Nagasaki
Montenegro: black mountain, Adriatic, Pekovic,tycoons, mafia
Netherlands: tall people, mayonaise, chips, bicycles, beer,Amsterdam, hookers, weed
Norway: cold, snow, Vikings,Night in Winter
Portugal: Atlantic ocean, wine, cork,Cristiano Ronaldo
Russian: vodka, big, cold, Moscow,Vladimir Putin, Space shuttle
Serbia: war crimes, sports, basketball, orthodoxy, poor, stupid politicians
Slovenia: mountains and sea, cefurs,Most rich republic of Ex-Yugo
South Africa: Mandela, apartheid,World Cup, vuvuzela
Spain: civil war, football, olive oil,bullfighter
Switzerland: Germans, Italians, clocks, swiss knive, chocolate, neutral, gold, bank, money, Alpes, rich,swiss cheese
Thailand: sexotourism,Bangkok
Turkey: Kebab, Ottomans, Istanbul,hospitable
Ukraine: sluts, good looking women,Andriy Shevchenko, brothers Klichko
United Kingdom: bad teeth, tea, bad weather,football, hooligans
United States: religion, science, Hollywood,Las Vegas, bombing Serbs(ME), Kosovo , Too much Crazy
[Image: 26637_navijanjeee409_blic_markodjurica_f.jpg]

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What do comes to your mind when you hear name of a country? - by stefans - 11-09-2010, 01:46 AM

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