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if u'r team want to win the EL cup... look here!
Anthony Parker might be out of the Raptors roster this summer.. so if teams in europe had payed 3-4M e for playres.. here is a one that will take any team to the final 4 for sure. There's only one problem.. he might ask to wear yellow only Smile Thup

"The goal is to take that next step. In order to do that, something is probably going to have to change as long as it makes the team better. If there's an opportunity to try and make the team better, I'm sure Bryan will pull the trigger,"€ Parker said. He himself may wind up being moved.

"It's a business. It's a business first. I love the organization here: The people that work in it, the team that I play for, and the coaching staff. I love coming here and it's not something that I dread. I know a lot of situations aren't like that. There are not a lot of situations like this in the NBA. But it's a business and maybe my situation might be attractive to somebody... Mr. Colangelo, if it makes the team better here in Toronto, I expect him to do the job."

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