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[quote name='Black Urum' timestamp='1292700159' post='27054']

First of all I don't believe in Devil, so I can't call USA that. But I can call them scum.

And I know for a fact that some countries are not the same as USA... for example Greece doesn't kill children and women thousands of kilometers away from Athens, for oil...

Greece invented democracy, but Greece doesn't bomb nations who do not have it, to bring them "democracy" by force...

Greece doesn't live off selling weapons to opposing countries, and then creates problems between those countries, to sell even more weapons...

Same goes for many many countries...


True enough. You'll get no argument from me. I agree with you for the most part. My only point is if you look at human history as a whole even in modern times. We are all devils or scum. You can point fingers all you want but many of the comforts enjoyed by supposedly "peaceful" nations was afforded by slaughter. The present is just another page in human history where people kill each other.

Also personally I wish my country would stay out of other countries affairs. For example Iraq, Vietnam, Korea the bombing of Serbia/Yugo all of this was non of our business. If Saddam is slaughtering his own people its of no concern to me. If Serbs are killing Albanians not my concern if Vietnamese want to kill each other. USA should stay out of other peoples countries. Let them find democracy their own way. We should not be the "policeman" of the world....

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