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Eurovision 2011
Actually our song for Eurovision, the one sung by Yourkas was my favourite, too bad for the rapping dumb-ass baldie, Mono Mike, his rapping and bad accent in 'GREnglish' is so out of place for the track which has some nice Greek element to it, and of course is light and nothing serious, since this is Eurovision that we are talking about at the end of the day! Laugh Seriously, Greece's other contestants were so cheesy and unbelievably crap, Yourkas is the least crap of them all. The three girls competing were singing uber-fromage and predictable pap about them being 'sensitive women', and then you had those goons from the smiley band trying to make out like they were alternative rockers, when you just had to replace the ro- with fu- to describe them precisely Rofl3 I can't remember who the sixth entrant competing for Greece's Eurovision spot was, but that's probably for good reason.

Anyway, overall I'm expecting to see all kinds of freaks and scumbags at Eurovision. Occasionally, there is a real hot female contestant to make things interesting at times, anyone remember Aysel from Azerbaijan? Biggrin

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^ on the right!
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