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Quarter-Finals Game 1
[quote name='"Arkadios":2ts8ebyk']Most people predicted 4 home wins and they were 75% right.

Olympiakos win was certainly a special one, lots of kudos to Yiannakis, Woods and Greer.

Greer has been nothing buy gold for Olympiakos most of the season and now that Yiannakis is using him as a pure SG and Blakney with Teodosic took over the PG spot thing run smoother... and the results are visible and immediate...

CSKA is not to be underestimated though, although things have not been going too well for them lately, this time Messina had personal issue to take care of and didn't travel with the rest of the team to Athens, but he will be on the bench tomorrow...

PS Is it just me or something is wrong with Macas... ?[/quote]

Yep, you're right. You know what changed in my mind about this match up ? Before the game in Moscow, I had in mind a 70-30 for CSKA. Now is 50-50. They are a very good team ( still the best in Europe along with Pana, for me ) with HUGE experience in "do or die" games, and they may grab the win in Piraeus. But I really believe that Oly will manage to beat CSKA Moscow again ( I hope that some rezerves like Tsakalides, Vasiliades, Printezis and Teodosic will play much more better than they did in Moscow ) and proceed to the Final Four in Madrid.

Of course Greer and Woods were the main reasons for this huge win ( I think it's the biggest away win for Oly, the last decade ), but I think that Vassilopoulos and Blackney must have some cudos too. Especially "Mou-mou" ( aka Blackney ) was great in defense and "blocked" JR Holden to 0(!) points in the whole game.

About Macas, I think his a special occasion. Yiannakis will give him more time to return in good physical condition and then we will see if he's able to grab the "starting five" shooting guard position from Greer, whom he's in a G-R-E-A-T shape the last games. ( I think you remember the final in Elliniko the last week, right ? The last period was a Greer vs whole Pana team match up <!-- s:p -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/tongue.gif[/img]<!-- s:p --> )

PS. I simply can't wait for the Greek A1 League finals. Imagine PAO with Tsartsaris and Tomasevic in full shape, against Olympiakos with Macijauskas in full shape, and "Big Sofo" able to gimme not more than 20 mins of quality basketball. War of the Worlds! <!-- sSmile -->[img]{SMILIES_PATH}/smile.gif[/img]<!-- sSmile -->

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