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PREDICTIONS! Which Group is stronger, group A or B?
The final was the best game of the tournament. Spain played great against the USA. They really fought hard for the win but Team USA was just better. Kevin Durant was cold at times but when he needed to hit his shots, he took the shot and hit it. Team USA was more balanced, more players scored and they also had more rotation possiblities than Spain. If team USA made a subsitution than they didn't get weaker, they stayed at the same strenght.

Rudy flopped a couple of times but it was good that Team USA controlled their emotions although you could see that they were a little frustrated with some calls of the refs. Pau played a great game, he really was the man for Spain. Navarro also played a good game, his shots in the beginning of the game were a big part that Spain could keep up with team USA. Marc played well but got in foul trouble to early, Ibaka played a good game defensively. I didn't understand why Scariolo didn't play Victor Claver instead of Felipe Reyes because Reyes didn't play wel when he came in the game.

The officiating was horrible. It has been horrible throughout the whole tournament. Hopefully the FIBA will make sure that this type of officiating doesn't happen again.

I also enjoyed the game for the bronze medal. Both teams played a good game and they both deserved it to win the bronze. It's sad for the golden generation of Argentina. Ginobili played a great tournament, Scola played good in the first games but he disappointed me in the other games. Russia also played a good tournament, it was exciting to see to their games. Andrei Kirilenko played great at the Olympics and I can't wait to see AK-47 back in the NBA this season. Shved played good games but his decision making wasn't always good. That a point where he'll have work on in the NBA but I think he'll have a good season.

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